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So. Your bathroom is dirty. You don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read on for a short but actually useful start to getting your bathroom looking sparkling clean. *


  1. Start with your bathroom countertops, as it is so easy for them to get cluttered and have dozens of products on them. Clearing them away to clean the counter by itself is a big visual change. This includes tossing any cosmetics or products that have expired, placing the remaining items in an easy-to-move tray, and wiping down the countertops.
  2. After you’ve gotten into the groove of cleaning and taken care of the counter and toiletries it is time for the biggest step! Take everything out of the bathroom. Empty the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink, remove items from the shower and around the toilet and floor. Once you’ve got everything out it becomes much more bearable to clean the shower, toilet, and floors. A big reason it seems like such a big job is because of all the stuff we have making our bathrooms feel cramped.
  3. Ok, now you will want to focus on getting rid of the actual dirt in the various sections of your bathroom- and try to divide them into sections if you can. The floor is one section, the toilet is another, and the shower is another. If you have a separate shelf or area then give that its own section too. First you will want to work on spraying and cleaning the shower/tub and toilet, then other areas before the floor. It is good to do the floor last after getting all the other bits out of the way as it is an effective finishing touch. (And…somehow things always end up on the floor anyways, so may as well do it last!).
  4. You’re almost done! Our last suggestion would be to group your toiletries/make-up/products together by how similar they are or what they are used for. Have a group (preferably an actual divider) for your shower products, for your toiletries and a separate tray or divider for your make-up. This way everything isn’t just thrown back on in no order. That’s it- you’re done! J

While this is a short but effective list, we will have more tips for you in the future. In the meantime, if you want to get additional tips on cleaning your home, we really recommend our friends over at who offers house cleaning in McKinney TX and surrounding areas Taylor Maid Cleaning Services are a trusted provider of ours. They also have a blog worth checking out, and what might be missing here you may find over there.

*In future posts (which we totally intend to write! ;)) we will focus on other key areas of your home. The kitchen, living room, basement and bedrooms.