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Think Maids 6 Signs To Identify A Trustworthy Home Cleaner

Looking for a home cleaner in Washington DC could be overwhelming with all the options available. Before hiring a cleaner, you should know if they are professional, reliable, and well-trained to do the job. In this blog post, we tell you some signs to identify a trustworthy cleaner. 

1. They are credible

Knowing if a cleaner is credible could be challenging at a first impression. However, if you pay close attention to what the cleaner is offering, you can notice if something doesn’t sound right. A trustworthy cleaner should be able to prove experience, accreditations, and affiliations. If a cleaner is still a beginner, they should be honest about it. Discard everyone that might be boasting about something not entirely true.

2. They care about you

Cleaners are working to make a living, but your needs should be a priority for them too. When a cleaner genuinely cares about you, they treat your home as if it was their own. Does the cleaner use only top-quality products? Are they bonded and insured in case something gets damaged?  Do they guarantee the safety of your family and pets during the cleaning? Make sure you are a priority before trusting a professional cleaner.

3. They are constant and reliable

Hiring a housekeeper or maid to help you with your cleaning chores is often a recurring and long-term commitment. Maybe a cleaner seems trustworthy at first, but they can show their true colors once the work starts. Also, housework sometimes involves demanding chores, which makes it hard to know if someone is up to the tasks beforehand.

We do a trial cleaning before hiring a new team member to ensure we are taking in only skilled and friendly cleaners.

4. Their background is clean

Assessing a cleaner’s values and ethics could be almost impossible at first sight. However, running a background check should be manageable enough for homeowners. You never know who you’re hiring, so before letting a cleaner enter your home, make sure their background is clean.

Most companies do it before hiring someone for the same reasons. In fact, Think Maids applies a background check as part of a nine-step selection process before taking a new employee.

5. People speak wonders of them

Another common step you should take before trusting a cleaner is asking for referrals. When a cleaner is skilled and trustworthy, people will recommend them. Speak with the maid’s previous or current clients and hear what they have to say. Nowadays, rating and reviewing someone’s job is a matter of minutes with online platforms.

6. They don’t hesitate to go the extra mile!

Some people love doing their job, and it shows. When looking for a professional maid, hire someone ready to go the extra mile. A cleaner with the right attitude won’t just fulfill what’s expected; they’ll give extra attention to detail. A great attitude is what we look for in every cleaner!

We are Think Maids, a cleaning company in Washington DC that believes cleaning is much more than removing dust and grime in your home. If you want to dive further into what makes a trustworthy cleaner, we invite you to read more about our selection process. We start by reviewing every application through a rigorous process, and after that, we interview them face to face! Roughly, one of twenty interviewed applicants make it into the team, so you can be sure our employees are trustworthy.