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With the end of the year upon us it makes for the perfect time to “reset” many different areas of our personal and professional life. New goals and aspirations, reaffirming old goals and focusing on what Is important. This is also the perfect time to declutter and clean your physical surrounding as well, the most important being your bedroom. In our post today we will share with you an approach to decluttering your entire home, and focus with a start practical tips on how to clean your bedroom.

In Japan at the end of the year it is traditional for the entire family to clean everything in the home to help bring in health and happiness to the New Year. Now, being a maid company, we love the idea of this and are totally on board with it! While getting the whole family together to help clean your home may be a little difficult, we wanted to share with you a few tips on how to get your bedroom super clean in time for next year. If you can get your family on board be sure to check out our previous articles on how to SPEED CLEAN YOUR KITCHEN and thoroughly CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM. Try having each family do a separate room following our guides.

If you clean your bedroom a free dog may appear!
If you clean your bedroom a free dog may appear!

OK, on to the bedroom cleaning:

The first step, as always, is to clear everything from the floor and desktops. Maybe we shouldn’t say this as a maid company but…it’s OK to put everything in the closet for a moment while we clean the bedroom (don’t worry, closets are next anyways!). Clearing the clutter immediately makes everything feel so much cleaner. Include drapes, towels and other sheets as well for now as clutter and move them to the side.

Now that you have everything out of the way the next step is to actually start cleaning. We recommend working from high surfaces down to the floor so anything that falls off (dust, crumbs) we can clean up last. Start with the tops of the dressers and nightstand, as well as the windowsills and any other large objects in the room.

Next you will want to flip the mattress and dust it and the rest of the room as well. While you don’t need to it can be good to dust the walls and baseboards quickly, as over the course of a year a lot of dust can build up on them. Then do a good vacuum of the floor making sure to get underneath the bed (otherwise it will remain undone for another year!) and dresser.

Luckily the bedroom tends to be the easiest room to clean in a home so after removing visual clutter and dusting/vacuuming you are nearly done!  The last big thing to do is take out everything you put in the closet and slowly fold them and put sheets back where they belong. Don’t forget to open the windows!

Tip: If you want to get really thorough you can use a lint roller to clean your lampshades!

For more tips on how to clean your bedroom, or if you would like a service in the Vancouver area we recommend are friends over at 604 Maids, who specialize in Vancouver Cleaning Services. They’re awesome! 🙂




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