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Bigger is not always better. When it comes to cleaning tools, sometimes a smaller version may work better. This is especially true when it comes to vacuum cleaners. While a cordless hand vacuum cleaner may be ideal for a large carpet, it can work wonders in other areas of your home.

Here are seven ways that you can use a small rechargeable hand vacuum. You might be surprised and inspired by the unique ways you can use this small tool to keep your home clean.

  1. Stairways

It’s difficult and awkward to lug around a vacuum to clean your stairs. A large appliance can be ineffective when trying to clean your stairs. If you use a hand vacuum to clean your stairs, you can make short work of this task. As a bonus, your hand vacuum may come with a crevice tool that can help you clean the nooks and crannies of your steps.

  1. Baseboards, Sliding Door Tracks, and Windowsills

These are places that many people often forget to clean. The buildup of dust in these areas can be gnarly. A crevice and brush tool can help you get the best results in these areas. You’ll be surprised at the big difference a small vacuum can make when cleaning these areas.

  1. Window Treatments

You need to keep your blinds, drapes, and curtains clean too. However, most people don’t have the time to take them down and clean them properly. If you’re not able to fit a deep cleaning into your schedule, but can’t stand the idea of having dust bunnies on your window treatments, why not use your hand vacuum to do a quick cleaning. Using your cordless hand vac’s brush attachment you can spruce up your shades and dust off your curtains.

  1. Light Fixtures and Lampshades

When ThinkMaids is on the way, you may need a way to quickly banish dust furries from your light fixtures. A handheld vacuum with a brush attachment can help you get rid of cobwebs and dust quickly. If you’re using a step stool or ladder, make sure you follow smart cleaning practices and have a helper around to help you safely climb while cleaning.

  1. Bedding

There is no way to substitute for a proper washing of your linen. However, if you’re busy this week or one of the kids jumped into bed with their shoes on, you may need to do a quick cleaning. When this happens, it’s acceptable to use your hand vacuum to clean mattress pads and sheets between your laundry days.

  1. Behind and Under Appliances

When you clean an appliance, the best tool to have is a microfiber cloth. However, there are areas under refrigerators and toasters that are littered with dust, crumbs, and UFOs (unidentified food-related objects). Before you use your hand vacuum on these areas, make sure all surfaces to be vacuumed are dry.

  1. Cabinetry and Shelving

Dusting is not considered backbreaking works. However, it can feel like it if you have to remove knickknacks, items, or books from cabinets or shelving before tidying. Between spring cleaning, you can use a rechargeable hand vacuum with a brush attachment to keep the areas between your items and knickknacks free from fuzzies.

If your home needs more attention than you can handle with your cordless vacuum, we can help. Contact ThinkMaids if you need help busting that dust and let us help you take care of the cleaning, so you don’t have to.