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Cleaning… what? There is a long list of things that need to be cleaned more than we do! How often do we neglect the things that we use on a daily basis, and never think about how much grim and bacteria are actually on these items. When was the last time you cleaned  your phone? Believe me there are more items like this on the list that we tend to neglect!


  1. Kitchen Sink:

Believe it or not your sink should be cleaned EVERYDAY! It is the home of a thousand times more germs than a toilet. Not only does our sink comes into contact with feces and pesticides from our produce that we wash before consuming, but raw meat on our dishes.

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How to clean: Disinfectant wipes are a great way to clean your sink! Using just a sponge or dish rag will just spread the bacteria.


    2. Kitchen Counters:

This, just like the sink, comes into contact with germs that should be wiped down immediately and EVERYDAY!

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How to clean: Disinfectant wipes or spray after cooking. As many times as you cook a day you should be wiping down your countertops.


   3.  Refrigerator:

This household appliance should be cleaned ONCE A WEEK! Fridges store uncooked food, leftovers, and raw meat. There are spills and leaks that happen that should be cleaned up immediately.

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How to clean: Wipe down the drawers and shelves with disinfectant wipes. Make sure you throw away spoiled food.


     4.  Floors:

Your floors should be done ONCE A WEEK! The dust particles floating around your floor hold mold, feces, and pesticides. And your beloved carpets, couch cushions, and linens hold dust mites. It’s very important to pay attention to these!

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How to clean: Mop or sweep your floors (tiles or hardwood) once a week. Vacuum carpets, cushions, and rugs as well.


     5. Bath Towels:

Your bath towels should be changed out at least once or twice a week. A used towel holds bacteria which thrives on warm temperatures, water, and oxygen. The longer it sits the more time it has for germs to build up. If your towel is wet the next time you pick it up that is a clear sign that it has bacteria growing on it.

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How to clean: You should dry your towel after every use. When washing your towels wash in hot water. The best way to dry your towel is to do so in direct sun light.


      6. Bathroom hand towels:

Wash every couple days! As we know from the last tip, bacteria loves moist surfaces. Hand towels see a lot of action…. especially in my large household. These come into contact with many of people so these need some extra love.

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How to clean: Wash in hot water with other towels.


      7. Toilet:

Your toilets need to be cleaned ONCE A WEEK! This should be obvious, but there are many people that neglect to clean it that often. There are harmful particles that can live in your toilet that can spray all over the rest of your bathroom.

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How to clean: Clean your seat and toilet bowl with with disinfectant. Bleach tablets are the best way to sanitize your toilet!


Next time you go to clean remember these 7 things that should be cleaned everyday or at least once a week! Make sure your home in the best state it can be in! You don’t want to get sick from something that can be avoided! I hope these tips helped!