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Uncover the key to maintaining pristine floors while being a devoted pet owner! Caring for a dog is a rewarding experience, but it comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Beyond providing nourishment and grooming, creating a safe and clean environment is paramount. That’s where House Cleaning Professionals step in, offering invaluable insights to keep your floors spotless despite having furry companions. Say goodbye to pet-related messes and hello to a home that seamlessly balances pet happiness with cleanliness. Get ready to discover seven expert-approved ways to ensure your floors stay impeccable, creating a harmonious living space for both you and your beloved pet.

Tip #1: Be on top of grooming your pet

Part of the mess your dog leaves behind is the result of loose hair and pet dander. One shake or a couple of scratches, and now there’s hair and dirt all over the floor. To solve this issue, stay on top of their daily brushing so hair won’t be flying around.

Just remember to brush them outside or assign a spot for the grooming sessions. It’s also a good idea to use dog wipes or dry shampoo between baths to keep them fresh!

Tip #2: Stop the mess at the entrance

After the daily walk, you don’t want your dog to bring their dirty paws inside. To prevent this mess, have a cleaning station at the entrance of your home. You can prepare towels, wipes, and even treats to have them look forward to cleaning. Also, have a sturdy doormat to wipe your feet during the process.

Tip #3: Place a silicone mat for their bowls

If your dog gets a little too excited during meals and makes a mess on the floor, put a special mat where they eat and drink. The non-slip material on these mats will prevent your dog from scratching the floor with the bowls, and some even have a wall to prevent water splashing. 

Speaking of food and drink…

Tip #4: Don’t skip bowl washing

Imagine you don’t do the dishes and keep using the same plate throughout the day. That’s not a good idea, and neither is doing the same with your pet’s bowls. Therefore, whenever you finish feeding your dog, remember to wash their bowls. We also recommend using a separate sponge to prevent cross-contamination. 

Tip #5: Change into enzymatic cleaners

Most disinfectants or antiseptic cleaners can be harmful to dogs. Fortunately, enzymatic cleaners break down stains and dissolve urine while being safe for pets. However, remember to do a quick spot test before applying enzymatic cleaners on your floors.

Tip #6: Invest in better cleaning supplies

If you’re having a hard time sucking up hair with your vacuum cleaner, perhaps you have to upgrade. HEPA vacuum cleaners or anything labeled for pets will do wonders for your floors by trapping even the finest particle.

Tip #7: Hire Think Maids to clean for you!

Keeping a whole house clean for you and your pets can be a headache. Fortunately, there are experts within reach. Think Maids are a top-rated team of cleaning professionals who care for all kinds of customers, dog owners included!

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