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While baseboards add an elegant touch to your home, they are often overlooked during regular cleaning routines. Cleaning them can be a challenge, especially if you have back or knee problems that make kneeling or bending over difficult. However, with the help of One-Time Cleaning Service, you can conquer this task without the need to strain your body. In this guide, we will unveil valuable tips on how to clean your baseboards effectively, all without having to bend over. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to beautifully clean baseboards that enhance the overall appeal of your home. Let’s dive into the world of baseboard cleaning and make it a breeze for you!

Step 1. Dust or vacuum

You can use plenty of tools to reach the baseboards, like a flexible dust mop or a vacuum cleaner with a wand extension and brush attachment. If you already have one of these tools, use it to dust your baseboards.

However, if you don’t own an extended dusting tool, you don’t need to purchase one! Make your cleaning tool by attaching a microfiber cloth to a broom with rubber bands—this DIY tool works just as well as store-bought ones.

Step 2. Wipe

Make a cleaning solution of water and liquid dish soap. Depending on your tool, you can make this mix in a spray bottle or a bucket. 

For example, if you choose the DIY tool from the previous step, you can spray the solution onto the cloth and wipe your baseboards. Another option is to dip your flexible mop into the bucket and wipe the baseboards without bending over!

The moisture will trap the remaining dirt and give a shiny finish to your baseboards!

Step 3: Remove stubborn stains

Some stains may require more effort, but they’re not impossible to eliminate. 

You can make a simple cleaning solution with vinegar by pouring a gallon of hot water, a splash of liquid soap, and half a cup of white vinegar into a bucket. Then use your cleaning tool to rub at the stains by adding a little more pressure on them. 

Since the acidity of the vinegar is perfect for dissolving grime, this homemade cleaning solution will take care of even the most stubborn stains. However, make sure your baseboards get along with vinegar!

Step 4. Clean the edges

It may go without saying, but you can’t forget to clean the baseboard edges—a lot of dirt accumulates there. So, when dusting and wiping, remember to spray the cleaning solution and run your cleaning tool over the edges of the baseboards.

Step 5. Protect your baseboards from dust

Now that you’re done cleaning, there’s a trick you can use to prevent your baseboards from accumulating dust: Dryer sheets! These laundry staples have oils that can remove static from surfaces (lack of static scares off the dust!). 

You won’t have to kneel to use dryer sheets, either. All you need to do is attach a few dryer sheets to a broom with elastic bands and run them from side to side on the baseboards. You can enjoy your dust-free and spotless baseboards for longer!

Do you need help with chores?

Cleaning your baseboards is not the only task that involves bending over or kneeling. There are plenty of hard-to-reach places that you may need help with, and they probably still require a lot of effort to clean, even with specialized tools.

But don’t worry; Think Maids has you covered! We not only take care of general cleaning like sweeping or mopping. Our cleaning staff can also take care of your baseboards, toilets, and even the lowest shelves, so you don’t have to kneel or bend over.

Leave the care of your house to us and stop worrying about back or knee pain from cleaning. Get a quote today.