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Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy With Think Maids!

A clean, healthy home should be a top priority for every Alexandria, VA homeowner. Particularly if you have pets or many household members or visitors who drag in dirt and debris as they come and go. Moreover, fur, pet dander, dust and dirt can all lead to various types of allergies and asthma attacks.

The importance of a clean and healthy home should never be compromised on, and at Think Maids, no one knows it better! You can’t stop your house from getting dirty no matter how much you try to. Cleaning everyday is a necessity in all homes to promote better health for your family members at home. We offer daily cleaning services with flexible timings for your convenience.

Why Choose Think Maids

In order to live in a dust-free or fur-free home, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly; this means having a maid service that will work harder than any other to keep your house immaculate. Luckily for residents of Alexandria, Virginia, a trusted, reliable and friendly cleaning company with a team of expert cleaners is just a booking away!

We are not your typical, ordinary maid service looking for a quick buck; we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are grateful to the many happy homeowners who were kind enough to give us such positive reviews! Though a team of friendly, perky and cooperative individuals, we take our job very seriously. Cleaning till homeowners can no longer find a ‘missed spot’ is our goal!

With years of experience in the cleaning business, our cleaners are experts at what they do! To put any doubts you may have regarding the safety of your home and family, you should know that we run extensive background checks on each of our cleaners, as well as conduct face to face interviews to study their behavior and communication skills.

Book a Cleaning Today!

For your convenience, our online booking process is simple and easy to complete with just a few details required! What’s more, you can expect a quick response when you contact us online for any queries or changes you would like to make in your booking. We are available 7 days a week, right up till 8pm!

From standard cleaning to deep cleaning, one-time service to daily cleaning; we cover all kinds of house cleaning needs to make your life a little easier. We also offer gift cards and a first-time 20% discount to friends and family that you refer us to.

Whether you live in Old Town, Del Ray, North Ridge or West End; Think Maids is your best bet when looking for a top rated house cleaning service in Alexandria, VA that will go the extra mile to clean!