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When it comes to achieving clean floors, your go-to companion is often the trusty vacuum cleaner. Whether you have carpet, hardwood, marble, or tile flooring, your vacuum plays a vital role. But the question lingers: which type of vacuum is truly the best? Bagless or bagged? Allow Home Cleaning Experts to shed light on this ongoing debate and provide you with valuable insights. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of bagless and bag vacuum cleaners, settling the score once and for all. Say goodbye to uncertainty and make an informed decision about the ideal vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. Let’s dive in and discover the ultimate cleaning companion for your floors.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

A replaceable vacuum job is used by more traditional models for trapping the dirt.


Allergen, debris, and dirt are trapped inside of the bag.

The contents inside of the bag stay inside when the bag is replaced or removed.

Depending on what the specific model is, vacuum cleaner bags may hold a few pounds of dirt and dust.

In a majority of models, the filter is part of the overall bag and doesn’t ever have to be cleaned.

It is easy to replace most vacuum cleaner bags.


A majority of vacuum cleaner bags have to be replaced and cannot be used.

When its bag is full a vacuum isn’t as effective.

If models or brands are discontinued, you may not be able to locate replacement bags.

You might have to change the vacuum bag every month or every time you clean up in areas that are especially dusty.

Changing bags during the middle of cleaning is time-consuming and might disrupt your housekeeping routine.  

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaners are available in all sizes and shapes. There are even robots as well.


You don’t need to worry about having to change a bag in the middle of your cleaning or having to buy replacement bags.

Since the bags don’t need to be replaced on a regular basis, bagless vacuum cleaners are often more affordable.

ONe high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter may last as long as six months.

There is a lower environmental impact with bagless models since there are no vacuum cleaner bags that have to be disposed of.

It is easy to empty these vacuums and immediately use them again.


The filters on bagless vacuum cleaners need to be washed, dried and brushed. Some models come with HEPA filters that must be replaced occasionally.

Dirt, debris, or dust may get sent back into the air whenever you are emptying out a bagless vacuum cleaner.

The debris kickback when emptying means you will need to re-vacuum some of the areas that you have cleaned already.

Which Is The Best Vacuum Model For You?

There really isn’t any wrong or right answer in the battle between a bagless and bag vacuum cleaner. The model that will work the best for you is going to depend on your floors, your cleaning habits, your lifestyle, and whether you are cleaning for yourself or someone else who suffers from allergies.

Whether you are on team bagless or bag, you want to be able to effectively work, so check out our five tips on how to vacuum the best way. Then learn how to best keep a vacuum cleaner clean.  

If you are really busy and don’t have time to vacuum – let alone thinking about changing bags or cleaning it – then call your local Think Maids. We will handle all of your housekeeping needs, so you can relax. You can talk to our experts, give us a call!