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You must be aiming at ensuring that your house remains clean all along this year. For you to achieve this, you need to lay some regulations. You will need to be prepared for any cleaning job. You need to come up with solutions and tools that will help you in the cleaning process.

There are a variety of essential tools that you need to ensure you have to succeed in the home cleaning process. They include:

1. Dedicated brush and toilet bowl cleaner
In case you are using a single brush in cleaning all your house rooms, you need to lay some rules. It will help in the use of the brush in a way that it will not interfere or contaminate other regulations.
2. Nonabrasive and multicolored cleaning pads. With colored pillows, you will find easily different from the kitchen, table room, bedroom, and bathroom pad. When you do this, you will decrease the chances of transfer of germs from one place to the other.
3.Lint-free cloth. It will assist in the buffing of various streaks from glass surfaces and multiple mirrors.
4.A floor cleaner. It should be containing a PH balanced solution for the sake of sanitizing and disinfection of surfaces.
5.A glass cleaner and all-purpose spray for spraying. It is balanced with PH to sanitize and disinfect a variety of surfaces.
7.A lint roller. It is highly essential particularly while having babies in the homestead
8.Brushes with nylon-bristle. They are coming with varying sizes for scrubbing purposes. They will be able to penetrate all the different crannies and nooks.
9.Waffle-weave and absorbent towels. They are highly useful for use in drying and wiping
10.Micro-fiber cloths with high quality.

Infrequent/Specialty Cleaning

If you are cleaning your place daily, the items listed above will be enough for you. If you are cleaning the house after a while, you also need to include the details below. The things will ensure that they leave your house sparkles and fresh. They are including:

Squeegee- A tool you must purchase mainly while cleaning the windows. It will also help you a lot with the cleaning of floors and mirrors.

Baking Soda- It is not just in use in deodorizing and baking. Baking soda is an excellent option in the cleaning of burnt pans and pots, cooktops, and in the cleaning of ovens.
A Goo Remover for stains removal- Normally in use when people are engaging in art. It helps in the removal of sticky items.

Wood Soap- The soap in useful in the cleaning of all furniture’s that are made by the use of wood Mildew/mold remover- Useful in the killing and containing the multiplying and living organisms

Scum soap remover- It is offering the best chemistry in dissolving chemical bonds found in the chemicals present on minerals and soaps. They include magnesium and calcium present in hard water.

A Stain Kit

A stain kit is necessary for the removal of stains. The items present in a stain kit are including:
A dry cleaning nonflammable solution


Rubbing alcohol

White vinegar

Corn starch

Baking soda

Oxidizing agent

Hydrogen peroxide

Chlorine bleach



Dishwashing degreasing liquid


Ensure you are making use of Think Maids services to get your house sparkles clean. Get to the market today and ensure your order for these items or call us and schedule your next cleaning today!