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The bedroom is a place where there is always a lot going on. Sleeping, resting, getting dressing, hanging out, studying, watching movies and so much more happens here. It’s a safe haven where we spend tons of time and perhaps, is the sole reason why our bedrooms are generally the messiest rooms in the house!

While messing up your room seems easy, cleaning and keeping it organized may take a little more effort but it’s not as hard as most people think! Setting some ground rules for yourself (and visitors) can really make a difference in keeping your room organized. Similarly, developing a few cleaning habits is sure to keep it clean and tidy on a daily basis. Read on for some great bedroom cleaning and organization tips.

  1. Eliminate Clutter

Surely there are a bunch of unwanted or useless things cluttering up your bedroom space that need to go! Old clothes and shoes that you aren’t going to wear again should be donated (if in good condition) or disposed off immediately. Anything that is no longer benefiting you should no longer be in your possession. Like many other bedrooms, clutter is probably the major contribution to uncleanliness and untidiness in your own room.

  1. Dust Furniture

This is probably something you dread doing but think of it this way; if you’ve gotten rid of things cluttering up your dresser, desks and other furniture in your room, dusting will be ten times quicker and easier. It’s also a must if you want a healthier bedroom environment.

  1. Clean Floors Regularly

Your floors are bound to get dirty with so much activity going on in your room. From dust and dirt to food bits and material rubbish; cleaning your dirty floors is a must. If you don’t have time for daily cleaning, make it a habit to vacuum or sweep every alternate day or at least thrice a week. Mopping can be done less frequently or as and when needed. Remember, like dusting, regular cleaning leads to minimal cleaning the next time!

  1. Put Things Back in Place

The worst thing you can do is leave things lying around because it is an invitation to follow the pattern. If you get into the habit putting your clothes, accessories, personal belongings and other things back where they belong, your room will never be untidy again. It’s just a matter of taking a few seconds of your time to put things in their rightful places.

  1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

Before you brush your teeth or do anything else, make your bed! A made up bed actually benefits you psychologically and encourages you to keep the rest of your room organized and clean. Similarly, it discourages you from dumping clothes and other belongings on your bed when you see it looking so neat.

With these tips, keeping your bedroom neat and tidy will be a breeze! All it takes is a little effort to make cleaning and organizing habitual!