A Cathedral Heights Maid Service That You Can Trust!

A Cathedral Heights Maid Service That You Can Trust!


For those of you who can’t seem to squeeze in some time for a little rest or, perhaps, some recreation, we understand the frustration! More often than not, your free time is swallowed up by an endless list of household responsibilities which happens to include home cleaning. Yes, it’s a rather time-consuming job and, not to mention, tiring as well! So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted, reputable maid service to come in and take care of household cleaning for you while you make the most of your spare time?


For Cathedral Heights homeowners, Think Maids is just the cleaning service you need for all your home cleaning needs. Imagine never having to lift a finger to achieve a spick and span home every single day! Well, that’s exactly what we offer customers across Washington D.C. Our experience, expertise and determination leaves nothing standing in our way when making homes spotless and sanitary for our wonderful customers!


Convenient, Reliable Home Cleaning Services


At Think Maids, we are big on customer satisfaction; hence, you can expect tireless efforts on our part to make sure that you are not inconvenienced in any way. Right from a seamless online booking process to punctual and efficient cleaners; Think Maids is the trusted and reliable cleaning service you’ve been waiting for in Cathedral Heights!


We cover all areas of home cleaning, seven days a week, while also catering to special cleaning requests and one-time services such as post-party cleanups, move-in cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning and more. With all that offered on the table, you can rest assured that Think Maids will not disappoint!


A Trustworthy Cleaning Staff Like No Other!


Our cleaning team is our pride and joy; we couldn’t be happier with the quality of service Think Maids cleaners provide, coupled with friendly personalities and good values. You will find each member of our cleaning team to be 100% trustworthy, professional, cooperative and compassionate. That, of course, didn’t come by fluke!


Considering the amount of time and effort we’ve spent on putting together a team of highly trusted and skilled cleaners, it’s not surprising that Think Maids has been well-received by homeowners across Washington D.C. We owe our reputation as a trustworthy and excellent cleaning service to the stringent screening processes we have in place that allow us to pick the best of the best cleaners around! When you hire Think Maids, we guarantee that your home and family is never at risk with our insured and bonded cleaners.


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As one of the smaller neighborhoods in northwest, Washington, Cathedral Heights is known for being a family-oriented and close-knit residential area. Some of the neighborhoods surrounding it include Cleveland Park, Glover Park, Woodley Park and Tenleytown.


If you live around Cathedral Avenue or Wisconsin Avenue, you’re treated to nearby stores and cafe with apartment buildings and condos lining the streets. Other areas of the neighborhood boast pretty Edwardian row houses in the midst of beautiful landscaping and friendly neighbors.