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Cleaning your bedroom is a task that you either love or hate. Most adults feel annoyed and choose to procrastinate when, in fact, cleaning their bedrooms is a process that can go quickly and help you achieve great results. Even if your dislike of organizing and cleaning your room stems back to your childhood, just know that there are options!

The checklist below will help you achieve a tranquil, fresh and clean bedroom in virtually no time at all. Are you ready? Go!

The Cleaning Checklist

Schedule it: Procrastination is the key to serious failure as an adult. Unless you prompt yourself to mark cleaning your bedroom a special day in your calendar, you will simply keep putting it off. Hold your actions accountable and just get to it!

Set some boundaries: The purpose of this checklist is to help you finish your chores quickly and effectively. Hold yourself to the boundaries you set as it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole. You may start by perusing the contents of your closet, only to figure you need to color code your wardrobe. Don’t open things that should not be touched during a quick clean.

Tidy up and bust the clutter: Many people have places in their bedrooms that they use as their own catch-all. Clothes and shoes are often found lying around, so get to the pile and toss what needs to go into the laundry pile and put the rest away. Clear clutter away from your nightstands, and if you’re an avid reader, put your books or magazines back in their proper places. Items that you normally leave out on your nightstands and dresser should be taken to a corner and covered with a towel.

Blast the dust: A dust mop is a handy object for this next step and a requirement. You remember those pesky baseboards? Work diligently to clear away dust and spiderwebs that may have accumulated in tough to reach corners.

Wipe carefully: Your furnishings and decor are all prone to gathering dust in due time. Grab a clean microfiber cloth and do some preliminary dry dusting to get rid of allergens. It’s best not to use any chemicals or polishes. If you still find some furnishings dull from dust, you can naturally shine them using a damp microfiber cloth. If you’ve used your cloth damp, grab a dry one and clean off potential water left behind.

Wash bedding: Your bed is home to millions of allergen causing microorganisms, so why take a chance? Completely strip your bed of your bedding and drop them in the washing machine. At this point, do not replace your bedding.

Replace bedding: Wait for the dust to settle down before you choose to replace your old bedding with fresh linens. Install fresh pillowcases and new sheets as it will automatically boost cleanliness. The last step is to place the duvet cover on your comforter or to replace your comforter.

Does this sound overwhelming to do on your own? Sometimes, we all need a little help, so give Think Maids a call! You can talk to our experts, give us a call!