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Experienced housekeepers are a homeowner’s ally when seeking assistance with cleaning chores. At first glance, they may appear as a collective of cleaning professionals, but it’s important to recognize that not all cleaners are created equal. From independent solo contractors to renowned nationwide cleaning companies, the spectrum of expertise and services provided by professional cleaners is vast. So, when you’re in need of reliable help, remember that the world of experienced housekeepers offers a diverse range of options to cater to your specific cleaning needs.

Most differences are from a business point of view. However, to make the best decision and hire a house cleaning service right for your household, you need to know some of those differences! Here you can learn more about this topic!

Cleaning companies vs. independent cleaners

Before speaking about cleaning companies or solo cleaners, you need to know that both types of professional cleaning services are good on their own! However, depending on your household needs, one or the other can be a better fit for your household! 

Independent cleaners: How do they work?

As the name implies, independent cleaners are solo contractors who offer their services independently, not as part of a cleaning company. The conditions and type of service vary greatly with each contractor, as they work on a direct agreement with the homeowner.

Cleaning companies: How do they work? 

Cleaning companies, on the other hand, send an employee to clean your home. That is, the company predefines the details of the service, and the employee carries them out. Usually, it provides the training and cleaning supplies, setting a less flexible but more efficient service. 

What are the key differences you should care about?

Many of the differences between cleaning companies and independent cleaners are from a business perspective and make no difference for the client. However, some of them might make you lean towards one or another!

Here is a quick review of those differences!


Both cleaning companies and solo contractors can be reliable, but the way you make sure is different! Cleaning companies need to make sure every employee they hire is trustworthy and reliable. However, if you hire a cleaning contractor, you are the one making that assessment. 


If a solo contractor is cleaning your home, what happens if they get sick? Or if they have a full schedule? Most homeowners solve this issue by keeping close communication with independent cleaners! 

On the other hand, the issue doesn’t exist with cleaning companies. The company can send you another employee if your cleaner isn’t available. 


It’s easier to find a solo contractor that could adapt to other housework tasks like organizing or running errands. On the other hand, most cleaning companies focus on cleaning alone. That’s not necessarily a bad thing… if you need just a professional cleaner. 

Skills and efficiency 

Both solo contractors and employees from a cleaning company can be skilled and efficient! However, similarly to assessing reliability, you are the one who has to ensure if an independent cleaner is skilled enough! 


Strictly speaking about hourly rates, solo contractors should charge less than a cleaning company. However, it is hard to know which is the most affordable option. For example, many cleaning companies charge a flat rate—even if they send you more than one cleaner.

To make sure what type of service fits your budget better, ask for a quote! Many cleaning companies and independent cleaners can give you a precise estimate of the cost beforehand (like Think Maids does!)

The best of two worlds: Think Maids is your best option!

Think Maids is a local cleaning company in Washington DC! If you have little time for cleaning, we can help you with our high-quality cleaning services. Our main purpose is to help busy homeowners to keep their homes clean!