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Cleaning Hacks

In the midst of our hectic lives and jam-packed schedules, cleaning often becomes a hurried endeavor. While this can result in less-than-thorough tidying at times, it also sparks our ingenuity, leading us to discover valuable cleaning shortcuts that save time and enhance convenience. Homeowners are constantly on the lookout for such cleaning hacks, aiming to minimize the hours spent on cleaning while maximizing effectiveness. That’s why our detail-oriented cleaning staff is here to lend a hand. Today, we’re thrilled to share four innovative cleaning hacks that you can start implementing right away, ensuring a sparkling home without sacrificing precious time.

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Cleaning Hacks You Should Know About

A Quick Dusting Tip

Do away with dust rags, feather dusters and anything else you’ve been using to clean furniture because this great dusting aid is all you need. We’re talking about old (big sized) socks! You might think we’re crazy until you actually put a sock on your hand and start wiping! It’s so much easier than dusting with a cloth and struggling to keep it from folding so that you don’t end up wiping a shelf with your bare hand!

One Swipe to Clean Fan Blades

Your fan blades collect dust rather quickly. This dust gets moved around and circulated in the air when you switch the fan on; hence, it’s important to clean the blades regularly. Well, with this cleaning hack, you’ll never dread cleaning fan blades again! It’s as simple as this; find the largest, worn out pillowcase that you aren’t using anymore and grab a ladder. Climb up and cover an entire blade with it (or as far as the pillowcase can go); now, hold it firmly in place as you slide it off the blade, wiping the top and bottom of the blade thoroughly. This ensures that the dust gets trapped in the pillowcase so you need not worry about it getting all over your floors and furniture. Use this method for each blade and you’ll be done in a jiffy!

Washing Dishes with Ease

Washing dishes that have been pre-soaked is much easier than doing them immediately after dirtying them. Of course, some of you may not want to waste time in allowing dishes to soak so here’s a great cleaning shortcut for you. When you’re done with the cooking preparation (peeling and cutting vegetables, washing raw meats, etc), plug your sink and pour some liquid soap in it. Place whatever kitchen items you’re finished with inside the sink and open the tap as and when needed. While you’re cooking, the water level in your sink will definitely start to rise as you’ll need to rinse out foods, your hands or kitchen items now and then. This way, the used items get enough time to soak while you finish up cooking. Remember, soaking dishes does half the work for you so don’t ignore this one!

A Mop and a Bottle

If you’ve been lugging around a bucket while mopping, you’ll know how inconvenient it is. It’s also time-consuming to dip the mop in a bucket and squeeze it out every now and again. So we came up with this shortcut; make the same cleaning solution you typically would in a bucket, only this time, pour it into a squirt bottle (or a plastic bottle and make a hole in the cap). Use this bottle to squirt the cleaning solution on your floors and mop as you go! It’s easier than using a bucket, AND it ensures that you don’t wet your floors more than you were looking to.

Cleaning can be a long, back-breaking endeavor, but there are ways to make it easy for you. Use these cleaning hacks when you find yourself dealing with some stubborn stains around the house!