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If you’re one of those people who’s planning on cleaning your home, the thought alone is pretty overwhelming! Will you have enough time to clean the fridge before you’ll be able to jump to an online webinar? The showerhead looks dirty, when was the last time it had a good scrub? While all of these are normal thoughts, not too many individuals take into consideration how to do these things safely. However, cleaning safety is something that everyone should always take into consideration especially when you’re about to perform a routine housekeeping project.

By now, you’re aware that there are simply some products that don’t go together and that your garburator needs to be unplugged whenever you’re scrubbing it. However, other than these, here are some safety practices you may want to take into consideration.

Some Cleaning Jobs Need More Than One Person

While the majority of jobs can be done solo, certain cleaning activities are requiring two such as:

Moving Large Furniture Pieces: Whenever you’re trying to pull the fridge out to clean the back area, or whenever you’re trying to move large furniture pieces, make sure that you ask help. We all want to make sure that everything’s clean, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll abuse your body. Remember, you only have one back and one set of knees.

Cleaning High Areas: You want to make sure that someone is holding the ladder for you to make sure it’s safe and secure whenever you’re cleaning ceilings, light fixtures, or even the top layers of shelves.

Protect Your Eyes

As you continue cleaning your home, you may notice that some of the product mist, dust, and other particles will be in the air. With that being said, you should always observe doing these safety cleaning practices such as wearing protective eyewear. Whenever holding a spray bottle, always point it outwards, away from your face and eyes.

Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings

Among all the other cleaning safety tips listed, this is by far the most important one to consider. Different types of accidents occur at home and in the office just because people are not mindful of their surroundings. A perfect example is to make sure that you check the vacuum cords whenever you’re moving around to prevent from tripping and falling.

When you’re cleaning stairways, always start from the top going down to the bottom and not the other way around. Consider standing on your side as well to prevent falls. Also, make sure that you’re cautious about your surroundings and check for wet floor areas, mops, and buckets that may be laying around the floor.

Keep Your Cleaning Gear Organized

By making sure that your cleaning gear is all organized, it helps you stay focused on all your tasks. You don’t need to go running around the house needing one product, then running to the other end to get your mop. This makes cleaning faster, easier and more efficient for you, not to mention this limits accidents since you don’t find yourself going around the house all the time.

Remember You’re Dealing With Cleaning Chemicals

The majority of cleaning products in the market are made up of chemicals that could potentially cause burns when it touches your skin or makes breathing difficult if you inhale them.

As much as possible, keep the area ventilated to prevent breathing in the chemicals and wear protective gears to make sure that your skin is well-protected. You have the opportunity to also leave this to the professionals. Get in touch with Think Maids by contacting them.