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house cleaning shortcuts from the pros

Your time is worth saving with these helpful cleaning tips!

One of the most dreaded things about home cleaning is that they take up a lot of time. This is your precious leisure time we’re talking about; where you could otherwise do something you enjoy or simply just rest (most of us enjoy that anyway!) Furthermore, cleaning up can be a drag, so getting it done as quickly as possible is what we all want. Well, with these cleaning shortcuts, you’ll be able to do just that!

1. Mopping with Socks On

Cleaning stains off your floors requires quite a bit of effort using a mop. But that doesn’t mean you need to get down on all fours to get rid of them. Instead, wear thick, absorbent socks (an old pair, of course) and mop as you typically would. When you come across any stains, don’t struggle to clean them with all the arm strength you have; simply sprinkle a little cleaning solution on the floor and use your feet to remove them with minimum effort! If you don’t want to use socks for fear of slipping, consider buying a pair of cleaning socks or slippers. They are available in abundance online and come in various types and styles.

2. Pillowcases Clean Fan Blades Perfectly

For most homeowners, cleaning fan blades are messy and troublesome. This is because the dust gets everywhere including yourself! From this day forward, we suggest you clean your fan blades using an old pillowcase. It’s as simple as this; take the largest, shabbiest pillowcase you can find (or one that can covers as much of the blades as possible), pull it over a blade and slide it off to keep the dust inside and off your furniture and self! Make sure to keep both hands firmly placed under and over the blades while wiping so that you remove all the dirt in one shot. For very soiled fans, use a damp pillowcase to clean.

3. Vacuuming Corners Quickly

When vacuuming your floors, you can’t ignore corners or those nooks and crannies that collect dust fast. But do you find that using different vacuum heads isn’t doing a good enough job to get these spots cleaned? That’s because their shape can’t be morphed to fit into hard to reach places, including corners. Try this; fit an empty toilet roll over the vacuum hose, and pinch the other end to shape it according to the nooks and crannies you need to clean! It does a fine job at cleaning ceiling corners as well.

4. No More Do-over Dusting

You often have to go over a surface when dusting with a rag which is time-consuming and annoying! Similarly, wiping curios or showpieces can be rather difficult using a dust cloth. Here is our solution; wear a pair of old, damp cotton socks on your hands and use them to dust surfaces and intricate showpieces! They pick us dust easily and clean intricate items better and quicker. You can also buy a pair of microfiber cleaning gloves or rubber gloves to wipe as dust tends to cling better to these materials.

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