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If your shower head has a scaly look and sprays water in all directions, it could use a good cleaning. 

A dirty shower head can be a big deal. It is a breeding ground for bacteria, which may cause ugly diseases. Besides, limescale buildup can clog the holes in your shower head, affecting the water flow.

However, the good news is that removing the buildup from this appliance doesn’t have to be a challenge. You’ll find the easiest ways to clean a shower head!

How to easily clean your shower head

This will be the first of two methods to clean your shower head. If your nozzle has only a couple of water holes clogged, you may want to try this method, as it is faster.

White vinegar’s excellent cleaning properties will help you return your shower head to its former glory. The best thing is that you might already have it in your home, so you won’t need to buy any cleaning products.

Step #1. Soak your shower head

To start, you’ll need to pour enough vinegar into a bag to cover the shower head completely. Be careful, as vinegar could overflow when you submerge the fixture. Once filled, attach the bag to the shower head and secure it tightly with rubber bands.

Step #2. Wait and clean

Wait at least half an hour before removing the bag. If vinegar is safe to use on your shower head materials, you can leave the bag for up to twelve hours! The longer you wait, the better the buildup will dissolve.

After detaching the bag, pour the vinegar into the drain and let hot water run through the shower head to eject the mineral buildup. Finally, rinse and dry your shower head—it will be as clean as new!

How to deep clean your shower head

Water holes can get clogged until the water pressure of your shower decreases. In that case, deep cleaning is the way to go.

Step #1. Remove your shower head

Before anything else, put a rag around the shower arm’s nut to avoid damage when disconnecting the fixture. Then, use an adjustable wrench to detach the shower head.

Step #2. Remove the buildup

First, you’ll need to run a blast of water through your upside-down shower head to loosen the minerals. Once done, brush the limescale off your shower head with a toothbrush. Then, poke the water holes with a toothpick to further break mineral buildup.

Now, it’s time to loosen the buildup. Leave your shower head submerged in vinegar for up to twelve hours—make sure vinegar won’t hurt the materials! When time’s up, remove the fixture from the vinegar and rinse it with warm water.

Step #3. Reattach the shower head

For the final part, wrap some plumber’s tape around the threads of the shower arm before screwing back your shower head. Then, let hot water run for a few minutes when it’s back in place. Finally, dry the shower head to leave it spotless!

A clean shower head is one step. Let us help you with the rest!

Now you have a spotless shower head, but what about the rest of your house? Think Maids will happily help you with that! Due to our rigorous vetting process, your home cleaning will be in the hands of the most professional and reliable cleaners. Request a free quote today!