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When we clean our house, we usually overlook the baseboard area. Furthermore, we often don’t see them unless we drop something or give the house a once-over when we are expecting company.

Baseboards can get a grimy look after some time if you don’t clean them. Therefore, it’s a good idea if you include them in your cleaning routine.

The good news is that baseboards are fairly easy to clean, although you’ll have to put in some strength to move some furniture.

Follow this guide about baseboards if you want to know how to clean them and maintaining them that way regularly.

How to clean heavily soiled baseboards

If your baseboards have not been cleaned in a long time, you’ll need to make a couple of hours for this task. Before starting, gather dishwashing liquid, water, a bucket, microfiber cloths, a towel, and cotton swabs. You could add a vacuum cleaner with attachments if it’s possible.

Cleaning baseboards step by step

Ask for help to move the furniture away from the walls.
Using a microfiber cloth (or the vacuum), dry dust the baseboards. You can put the towel on the floor to keep pressure off your knees if you are using cloths.
Mix a few dishwashing liquid with warm water in your bucket.
Dip the cloth in the mix and wring it so you don’t ruin your floors. Besides, a damp cloth is more effective than a saturated one.
Wipe the baseboards and change your cleaning solution when it’s too muddy.
Dip a cotton swab in the cleaning mixture to clean corners.
Dry your baseboards with the help of fans before moving the furniture again.

How to clean baseboards routinely

Now that you have cleaned your baseboards in-depth, you need to keep them looking good. Follow the next three simple ways to easily clean your baseboards every one or two weeks.

Microfiber cloth

Move away the furniture and wipe the dust out of your baseboards.

Vacuum attachment

This is an easier way to keep baseboards looking nice. Besides, you can do it standing.

Sock and a yardstick

A creative, yet effective way to clean up baseboards. Useful for people with injuries and difficulty to be on their knees.

Slip a microfiber sock over a yardstick and you can easily remove dust particles with it. You could also use a normal sock, although it won’t be as effective.

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