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I got a chance to check out Theater Week in Washington D.C. this week. Myself, and a few friends who love the theater scene made a plan to buy tickets and make the drive from North Carolina. That’s only about 3 or so hours from where we are.

Being a newbie to the East side of the United States (I grew up in Wisconsin) I had only seen pictures and heard the stories about Washington D.C. that everyone probably has heard.

We went to a place called the “Metro Area”. My whole agenda was to see Shakespeare. I have never see a Shakespeare play live. And they had “Much Ado About Nothing” playing on September 29th. Yes, I am going. I studied William Shakespeare and have seen many performances, but which were all taped. I wanted to feel what it was like to see it live.

And none of the Theater Week disappoints. Friendly people. Friendly staff. My friends and I had a great time. I was able to see the landmarks ranging from The White House, The Pentagon, all the way to the Lincoln Statue (which was my favorite).

I can’t wait to go back to D.C. I am jealous of my friends who actually already live there.

I am going home, having my house cleaned by Maid In Hoboken. The only way to keep my house clean when I go on my “adventures”.

When I get the chance to go back I’m hitting up the Smithsonian Museum. Besides all the awesome Nasa Stuff they have there (which I’m excited about, but there is a silver lining on this cake) THEY HAVE INDIANA JONES’ HAT. They have spacecraft, and Fonzie’s jacket, but they also have the hat Harrison Ford wore in in Indiana Jones! I mean if you are pushing 40 like I am; we grew up on this. Okay, I will stop geeking-out:

D.C. was fun and the food was delicious. Very delicious!