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How to declutter the kitchen

Kitchens can get very cluttered and it’s important to clear it out regularly so that you can be in a safe and happy environment. By using the following system, you can have a clean and fresh kitchen at all times. If yours really needs a declutter, you just need to follow these steps.

1 – Plan out all the different tasks

It’s a great idea to plan out the tasks you need to complete in the kitchen, either in a planner, calendar or simply by using a checklist. This gives some order to the job at hand and you will get such a feeling of satisfaction when you get to check off every job as completed.

2 – Empty and clean the refrigerator and freezer

Cleaning out your fridge and freezer can feel like such a mammoth task, which is why it’s advised to get to them first. Go through the food, checking expiry dates and see what can be put in the trash. Take any drawers/shelves to the sink and wash them in some soapy water. You can also use a dishcloth to wipe inside the interior. Don’t forget to wipe the outside of the appliances too. Keep on top of this task by cleaning out your fridge/freezer every week and give it a quick wipe down too.

3 – Cleaning cabinets, drawers, and storage

You need to go through all your cabinets, drawers, and general places of storage in the kitchen and declutter your heart out. Be brutal, only keep what you love and for everything else you can donate it, relocate it to another room or throw it away.

4 – Organize small appliances and towels

Next, you need to look at kitchen tools and appliances. Consider if you use all the appliances you have and if not, can you give them away or maybe some are in bad condition and just need to be binned? Go through your kitchen towels, fold them up neatly and put them in a drawer or somewhere else you like to store them.

5 – Clean under kitchen sink

Finally, it’s time to clean underneath the kitchen sink. Go through everything and decide what you are going to keep, donate, toss and relocate. Check for empty containers because many people seem to keep empty containers under their sink and completely forget about them. Organize your items as best as you can and also wipe down the inside of the cupboard using a damp cloth. Let Think Maids do the cleaning. Call to schedule a cleaning today!