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Using the Right Duster for the Right Household Surface

If you’ve been using one particular type of duster to wipe various surfaces, fixtures and objects in your house, chances are you’re not dusting nearly as effectively as you could be. Dusters come in various types or forms because each one is made to be more effective for a particular area or surface. Knowing which one works best for what will not only make dusting more effective than ever, but also much easier and convenient! Take a look at some of the most popular types of dusters around and what they clean best.

  1. Feather Dusters

While feather dusters are one of the least effective and inconvenient types of dusters to use for regular dusting, they are certainly handy when it comes to dusting delicate items. The thing with feather dusters is that they don’t pick up dust, but rather knock it off the object being dusted. When dusting surfaces, they merely unsettle dust which eventually settles back on to the area you cleaned. Picture frames, glassware and other delicate items, on the other hand, are easier and safer to clean using feather dusters because you do not have to move or use pressure when dusting. They also clean intricate places well as the fine fibers reach deeper than cloths or other dusters can.

  1. Rubber Dust Gloves

These are definitely the more convenient choice for regular dusting because you needn’t hold anything in your hands, you simply wear the gloves! They are most effective for wiping surfaces in one quick swipe. Dust clings to the rubber which eliminates the chance of transferring any back on to cleaned surfaces. Of course, you will need to rinse them off periodically when you find them too soiled. Wooden furniture is a breeze to dust with rubber dust gloves so make this your primary surface duster henceforth!

  1. Microfiber Cloths

This list would be incomplete without mentioning microfiber dusters. These are arguably the best dusters for regular dusting because they do fantastically well to pick up and hold dust with minimal effort. The electrostatic charge created by the fibers is the main reason behind their ability to attract dust. They’re practical to use and eco-friendly too! So, if you don’t have a stock of microfiber dusters in your cabinet of cleaning supplies, we suggest you go out and buy some today!

  1. Vacuum Dusters

For your upholstery and linen, a handheld vacuum duster is a great cleaning aid to have. Simply using a cloth or a rubber glove to pat or swipe dust away is nowhere near as effective as a vacuum is. What’s worse, patting your upholstery and curtains will probably throw you in to a sneezing fit while allowing dust to settle all over the room. A handheld vacuum duster is efficient in removing ALL the dust and dirt from fabrics quickly and conveniently.

  1. Compressed Air Dusters

To clean those extremely hard to reach places and electronics, compressed air dusters are your best bet. These cans forcefully shoot out air into small spaces or gaps to blast out dust that would otherwise be virtually impossible to reach. Once the dust is out, you simply wipe it up with another dusting aid.