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Regardless of the event, you would be embarrassed when relatives and friends have to sit in your dusty living room. The following is a simple guide that explains how to clean dust your home in readiness for the holiday season.

Step No. 1: Create a Cleaning Plan

When planning for visitors in your house, it is important to come up with a house cleaning plan. This schedule is crucial, so detail everything that requires to be handled before the visitors start arriving. Also, a house cleaning plan allows you to allocate your time effectively. In your plan, ensure that you have included the activity “clean dust” so that you are not involved in a last-minute rush as the visitors’ arrivals approach.

Step No. 2: Walk Your Guests’ Path

You will have a full plate, you will be occupied with preparing delicacies and confirming that visitor bathrooms are spotless, this means your time for dusting will be limited. However, this is alright as you will only require to clean dust the spaces the visitors will see.

Move across the rooms your guests will stay in, rest in, and walk through, typically the living room, kitchen, mudroom, bathroom, and dining room – and take heed of the sections that appear dusty. Treat your home as an outsider would so that you avoid ignoring areas such as kitchen cabinets, mantelpieces or bookshelves.

Step No. 3: Buy the Right Tools

No special tools and equipment are required unless there are some ugly cobwebs suspended around your house. In most cases, microfiber wipes are sufficient to use in clean dusting. When it comes to cleaning compounds skip commercial cleaners as most of them leave behind some residue. Instead, use a dry microfiber cloth to clean dust.

If your mini-blinds or ceiling fans are swarmed with woolly gray threads and you fear that your visitors might notice, be prepared to use your dust mop and purchase blind cleaners made from microfiber to wipe them off.

Step No. 4: Clean Dust

To clean the dust quickly, pick the microfiber wipe and use it to dust the areas you highlighted during your walk-through.

While you may overlook certain items by wiping them partially, for instance, only wiping book shelve edges, book spines or the visible parts of furniture you must comprehensively clean dust holiday decorations. Your guests may be interested in having a thorough examination or close admiration of your seasonal decor, ensure these items are rigorously cleaned. Also, fully clean dust your mantelpiece and coffee tables. Luckily, this will not consume a lot of time.

After you have finished dusting, vacuum or sweep the room to eliminate any dust particles or bits of grime that may have settled on the floor.

You are done! This is how cleaning dusting before guest arrivals can be accomplished quickly. And preparing the whole house for seasonal festivities? Look into these party organizing guides to ensure that family and friends are impressed by your hosting skills. Think Maids can help you with your dusting needs, get in contact with us today!