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Do you know how many things could your do in 10 minutes to make your home more appealing? You can surely give up 10 minutes out of your internet browsing and mindless social media scrolling time to do those annoying maintenance tasks you seem to be putting off for ever.

1. Clean the blades of your ceiling fans

How to do it: If you have standard height ceiling lights, use a stepladder to reach the fan and wipe each blade with great care. If you have high ceilings, you’ll need to use a special ceiling fan duster together with an extension rod.

When to do it: Every other season

2. Clean your garbage disposal system

How to do it: With the cold water running, empty several trays of ice cubes into the sink, feeding them through the disposal system. Once the last cube disappears, let the water run for another minute.

When to do it: Monthly

3. Clean your refrigerator coils

How to do it: Unplug your fridge, unsnap the grill to access the coils, and clean them carefully to remove accumulated dust and debris. Use the vacuum cleaner, but do it gently. If needed, buy a special coil cleaning brush from a hardware store.

When to do it: Two to four times per year

4. Empty or replace the vacuum bag

How to do it: Start the vacuum cleaner and let it run for a few minutes, just to make sure that all dust has been sucked into the bag. In case of disposable bags, cover the hole with duct tape to keep dust and dirt from getting out. Replace the bag with a new one. If your vacuum has a reusable bag or a dirt bin, remove it and discard the dust into a garbage bag. Rinse the bag with hot water and replace.

When to do it: Once a month or less

5. Rotate your mattresses

How to do it: Remove all sheets and bedding, and vacuum the upper side of the mattress using the upholstery attachment. Rotate the mattress head to toe to prevent irregular wear.

When to do it: Twice a year

6. Replace HVAC air filters

How to do it: Remove the old furnace filter and replace it with a clean one. Follow the arrows to install it correctly.

When to do it: Between once a month and once every three months (depending on the filter type).

Whether you want to take 10 minutes of your time or hire house cleaning professionals, give us a call to start your next cleaning project.