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Are you having trouble being productive at your computer desk because you feel distracted or demotivated to work? Look around you; is your desk as messy and dirty as the dresser in your teenage daughter’s bedroom?! Well, you can’t have that! The fact is that a cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mindset which, in turn, disallows you to work productively. The worst part is, even though it’s rather easy to clean up your desk, it’s just as easy to let disorder and uncleanliness take over. What you’re in desperate need of are a couple of effective house cleaning and organization tips that will help you maintain a neat and spotless work desk.

Once you get into the habit of keeping things in order and cleaning promptly, the rest comes naturally. Read on for our top five tips to keep your computer desk clean and organized.


DIY Cleaning and Organization Tips

  1. Cut the Clutter

Yes, we’re talking about all those useless, non-work related items just cluttering up your computer desk. Throw away the rubbish and find appropriate places to store the rest. It’s also likely that you have too many duplicate items crowding up your desk and that needs to change. For example, you don’t need a penholder with various pens and pencils; just two of each is enough. So, be wise when cutting clutter; you’ll be relieved with the extra breathing space!


  1. Minimize Box Files/Folders

While they’re great for keeping your paperwork organized, the more box files and folders you have on your desk, the more likely you are to collect and pile up on papers. If you go to a single folder, chances are you’ll find papers stuffed inside that you longer need (or never did). The key here is to keep a minimum number of folders/files to accommodate relevant paperwork and nothing more!


  1. Keep a Trash Can Nearby

We often avoid throwing papers or trash away because there’s no place to throw it! This is why it’s important to have a bin within reach so that you don’t end up cluttering your computer desk with rubbish. It also motivates you to dispose of unwanted papers, broken pencils, and other useless items, right away.


  1. Maintain Order

By this we mean keeping items in their respective places. When working at your desk or on your computer, it’s natural to pull things out or move them out of place, but getting into the habit of putting them back will be the difference between a messy desk and an organized one. It’s simple organization tips with an everlasting effect!


  1. Call it a Day with a Clean!

When you’re done for the day with work, clean your desk. The minimal number of items on your computer table will make cleaning ten times easier! Similarly, if you stick to daily cleaning, it will only take a few minutes to tidy up. Keep your cleaning tools nearby so that you don’t waste any time or have a reason to skip the all-important tip #5!