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Window treatments can be susceptible to plenty of harmful allergens. They can also absorb and retain odors. That said, there’s no denying how largely window treatments can affect the indoor air quality which is why they should be kept clean.
It’s important to adhere to the manufacturers’ instructions if you’re doing the cleaning by yourself. Each window treatment has its own specific set of cleaning tips. Here’s a list of window treatments and the cleaning tips that are associated with them;

Regular Cleaning; Remove loose dust using a vacuum upholstery attachment while focusing on the top areas and folds.
Deep Cleaning; Drapes made from a non-washable fabric should be dry cleaned either bi-annually or annually. In the case of drapes made from washable material, ensure that you confirm that its colors won’t run. Also, avoid heat drying the washable window treatments to avoid unraveling of the stitching thread.

Regular cleaning; Vacuum regularly while paying attention to areas around the hooks, rods, and tabs.
Deep cleaning; Be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when laundering and also test for colorfastness. Sheer curtains tend to be a bit more delicate which is why you should either handwash them or use a mild detergent and use the delicate cycle setting when machine washing. Place it on a flat surface to dry and iron while slightly damp.

Regular cleaning; Use a cotton/microfiber glove to remove loose dirt (the gloves can be improvised using a clean pair of cotton socks). For vinyl blinds, use a clean cloth and mild detergent to remove stubborn grime. Water should be avoided when cleaning wood-slatted blinds.
Deep Cleaning; In the case of vinyl blinds, take them apart and leave them to soaking in a basin of warm water and mild detergent. Afterward, rinse and airdry them before hanging them again.

Regular cleaning; Before vacuuming, retract and place the blinds in one direction to make cleaning easier.
Start from the top working downwards while carefully vacuuming the blinds. If the blinds are made of vinyl or similar material, ensure that you use the soft brush attachment. On the other hand, if it’s made of fabric, the upholstery attachment will be better suited.

Regular cleaning; Use the soft brush attachment of a vacuum to remove dirt from sides of the shades.
Deep cleaning; Get them professionally cleaned annually if you can. For shades made of a washable type of fabric, you should either handwash them or use a washing machine on the delicate cycle using mild detergent.

Because of how delicate they are, make sure you support them with your hand when dry cleaning using a cloth made of microfiber or while vacuuming.

Use a cloth made of microfiber or vacuum using the soft brush attachment. Spray compressed air through the shades to get rid of any dead bugs or dust. Spot cleaning can be done using a soft cloth and mild detergent. Afterward, you could either blot dry it with a dry cotton cloth or a blowdryer on a low setting. Avoid water at all costs.

Clean them according to the material. That is, if its made from wood, adhere to the cleaning instructions intended for wood.

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