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Our homes are loaded with items and things that regularly need to be dusted and cleaned but not everything needs to be washed frequently. In fact you’d think there are only a handful of things that actually need to be washed regularly. While that may be somewhat true, it’s still important to know what you need to be washing and how frequently.

The thing is – a lot of things at your humble abode can become a sanctuary for bacteria and mold. In fact there are places in your house that will actively encourage the multiplication of these fungi and bacteria. We all know how harmful these greens can be – not only to our health but also to the overall look of your house. Before you delve into washing just about anything that comes in your mind, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself.

For example: does the thing you intend to wash regularly get wet? Does it have a direct and frequent contact with bodily fluids? Is it left to air dry after using? Does it get an ample amount of fresh air and sunlight throughout the day?

Once you have the answers to these pivotal questions is mind, you can begin with washing your home. Now we’ll go through room by room to guide you about all the things you should or should not be washing on a routine basis.

The Bathroom

Your bathroom is home to wetness and water. That means it is the most likely to get mold, fungus and mildew somewhere in it.

Your shower curtains will need to be washed immediately if you notice any mold or greens growing on its surface. To stay on the safe side, we recommend washing your curtains every once in two or three weeks. You should also let the exhaust fan running after you’ve had a hot shower because steam can do a number to your curtains.

Another important element of your bathroom that needs to be washed regularly is your towel. Although most people won’t change their towels for weeks, it’s hygienic to replace them with fresh ones after every two or three days. Towels are often left to dry on their own in damp conditions so they need to be washed quite frequently. The same rule applies for hand towels; only you might want to wash these towels even more frequently than you would your bath towels.

The bathroom mat is also subjected to dirt and water splashes every now and then. If you have mats around your commode, they are more likely to get dirty sooner and perhaps with more than just water! That’s why we recommend throwing these mats in the laundry every once a week. How about investing in bathroom mats that are easy to wash?

The Bedroom

Although your bedroom isn’t exposed to dampness as much as the bathroom, there are still items in this room that will need special washing attention. Starting with your bed, the duvets and sheets might apparently be dry but the sweat and drool from your long sleep will have done a number on them. We recommend cleaning and washing your sheets at least once in every two weeks.

The same rule applies for your pillows. Since pillows are subjected to sweat, drool and tears the most, they need to be washed and replaced the most frequently. Duvets, comforters and blankets need not be changed as regularly. However you should consider cleaning them at least once or twice a month.

The Lounge or Living Area

The windows of your lounge will need to be washed and deep cleaned every month or every other month. This frequency depends on how dusty your area is. If you live in a particularly sandy environment, you might want to wash them more frequently.

You should also pay attention to the throws on your couches and sofa in the living room. Depending upon how frequently they are used, these throws should be washed at least once or twice a month. If you have pets in the house that leave a lot of pet hair and dander behind, you might want to wash the throws on a more regular basis.

The Kitchen

Just like your bathroom, your kitchen is also a hub of dampness. The kitchen sponge used to manually wash dishes is one of the biggest culprits in this case. We would advise washing or replacing the sponge at least once a week because it can become pretty nasty. That doesn’t mean you need to run to the store to buy a new pack of sponges every week; simply washing them in the dishwasher at a high temperature or with boiling water will do the trick and make them sterilized.

Dish towels in your kitchen also need to be washed depending on how often you use them. We suggest cleaning them at least once every two weeks and replacing them completely after a month or two.

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