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How to Get Your Kids to Clean

“Convincing your kids to clean up can feel like a real challenge. With little Leonardo Da Vincis creating masterpieces indoors and backyard explorers covered in dirt, keeping the house tidy seems like an impossible task. But fear not, we’ve got a game plan to turn cleaning into a fun and engaging activity for the whole family! Discover four exciting ways to get your kids on board and help with the cleaning process. With these creative approaches, you’ll find that cleaning becomes a delightful adventure. Let our move-in/move-out cleaning service show you how to involve your kids and maintain a tidy and enjoyable home!”

1. Show them how
You have to set expectations when you first introduce your children to the concept of chores and cleaning. That way your idea and their idea of a “clean” room is the same. This may take time until they accomplish it. But you can do it with them and help them until they get the hang of it. Show them once, watch them do it, and then let them do it on their own.

Mother and daughter cleaning in the kitchen
Mother and daughter cleaning in the kitchen

2. Make it fun
Often times, chores are an unpleasant thought. You can change that! You can make a game out of putting toys back in the toy box with a race. Turn up some music and make a cleaning party. By getting them kid-sized cleaning supplies you will also allow them to help with things that otherwise they wouldn’t be able to.

3. Use a chart
Be sure to track the chores that need to be done daily or weekly and also keep the chart in a place where they can be reminded. This can be on the refrigerator door, in their bedroom, or in each room there’s a chore. Place check marks, stickers, or whatever you’d like to encourage your child to complete their tasks.

4. Reward them
Make sure you reward your children every time they complete their cleaning tasks. This doesn’t have to strictly be an allowance. Rewards can be a favorite snack, a family movie night, a time allowance for an activity, video games, TV shows, etc. This will make it fun for them and it teaches them that they have to work to get a reward!

In Conclusion
Honestly it all comes down to showing them the importance of cleaning and getting them to want to do it! It’s not too hard though. You know what your kids like and what they don’t so use that to get them picking up after themselves and keeping their rooms clean. At the end of the day spending quality time with your kids AND accomplishing some chores, that’s something to be proud of. Hopefully these tips will help in getting your kids to clean your home with you! If not, feel free to reach out to us at (202) 734-7344 or head over to our booking page and schedule a cleaning with us.


This post was originally written by a friend over at Cleanly Maids.