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They wanted to save time and energy. A lot of time and energy is also needed. But they weren’t sure about hiring a maid, and they had heard a lot of stuff about them. Not all of the stuff they heard was flattering. They were hesitant to get involved. We understand. We get that all the time. There are lots of stories out there about maids and what they do and don’t do. Many of the stories just aren’t true anymore. Think Maids train their maid cleaning service provider, along with working alone or as skilled teams, and do their jobs quickly and well, for a minimal cost.

Still, many rumors persist. Here are some common misconceptions about maids today. Do these sound familiar to you?


Common Misconceptions in Hiring Maid Cleaning Service

Maids Are Only For the Rich — Wrong!

Maid cleaning service differs the prices for ordinary people these days. A professional individual or team comes to your home or office and thoroughly cleans in a minimum of time. This efficiency keeps costs low.


Maid Services Are All Alike — Wrong!

A truly professional service is licensed, bonded and insured. Think Maids is going to make sure your job is completed quickly and completely with no damage or mishaps.


Maids Are For The Lazy — Wrong!

Anyone who wants to save a substantial part of the hours in their lives for other, more rewarding activities — such as family or friends or work or anything important to you  — can save hundreds to thousands of hours a year by hiring a maid service. It is a liberating investment.


Maids Won’t Know Where To Clean — Wrong!

If you hire a trained professional, you are going to get professional results. Our maids know what to clean, where to clean, and how to clean. No hassles, no damage, no mishaps.


Only Use A Maid For A Dirty House — Wrong!

Although it is important to get a dirty house or office cleaned up initially, it is equally important to keep it tidy and organized. A well-kept home or office is easier to work in, better for the general attitude, and healthier to live in and work. Set a regular schedule and let your maid keep everything ship-shape. You’ll love it.


One Maid Is As Good As A Team — Wrong!

Now, for tiny spaces, there may only be a need for one maid, and that is the most efficient way of spending your money. But as a general rule of thumb, a team of professionals can divide and conquer the cleaning problem more efficiently and save a lot of time and money. Our teams are ready-to-roll to make your home or office as clean as possible as soon as they arrive.


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