House Cleaning in Adams Morgan, DC

Let Think Maids Make Your Life Easier!

Lack of time is one of the most frustrating things one can experience in life. There’s always so much to do, but never enough time to do it all. To add to your woes, you need to magically incorporate household cleaning to an already busy and tiring daily schedule. This is generally the last straw for a lot of people! So, the question arises, how can you make life here in Adams Morgan easier for yourself? Well, the answer is Think Maids!

With a wide range of cleaning services offered, there’s no doubt that we will meet all your home cleaning needs in a timely and professional manner. Think Maids makes it possible to come home to a spick and span home every day, without having to lift a finger! We work tirelessly to cater to each homeowner’s individual preferences and special requests on every occasion. In doing so, Think Maids has established a loyal customer base that we strive to please with hard work, determination and highly trained cleaners.

What You Can Expect from Think Maids

Our experience, drive and painstaking efforts in cleaning homes are just a few of the perks that separate us from other professional cleaning services around Adams Morgan. When you hire a cleaning with Think Maids, you are guaranteed of a job well done! We take it upon ourselves to uphold the reputation we have built by working honestly and efficiently.

After booking a cleaning with us via a quick and seamless online process, you can sit back and expect a trustworthy, punctual and highly skilled cleaner to arrive at your doorstep, eager to get to work! Trust, reliability and efficiency are three, very important factors that Think Maids never compromise on; hence, you can rest assured that each cleaner on our team is dedicated to meeting the expectations of homeowners in and around Adams Morgan.

100% Trustworthy Cleaners Only!

When it comes to hiring new cleaners, Think Maids does not mess around! Each cleaner is put through a rigorous screening process to ensure that we are hiring only the best and most trustworthy cleaners around. From running criminal database searches, to employer references, we leave no stone unturned at the time of hiring maids.

Apart from the many levels of our stringent screening process, Think Maids has also set the bar high in terms of cleaning abilities, communication skills and work ethic. All in all, you are guaranteed of a cleaning staff that is thoroughly professional, highly skilled and extremely friendly and cooperative!


The #1 House Cleaning Service in Adams Morgan, WA!


For the people of Adams Morgan, Think Maids offers you only the best home cleaning services around! With a population of well over 15,500 people and so much to do here, household cleaning should be the last thing on our mind!

Located in Northwest Washington, this vibrant neighborhood of Adams Morgan is rich in culture and high on entertainment! Head down to 18th Street for a wide array of cafes, restaurants shops and pubs, or spend a relaxing evening at a park on Columbia Rd with close friends and family. Whatever you choose to do, Adams Morgan will certainly deliver!