House Cleaning in DuPont Circle

A Trusted Maid Service for Dupont Circle Residents!

  Whether it’s long-term or short-term needs, it’s time you gave yourself a break from all that household cleaning and allowed the professionals to step in! And for Dupont Circle residents, who better to trust than the reputable, reliable and excellent cleaning services of Think Maids?!   From the most obvious areas to the nooks and crannies, you can have your house cleaned from top to bottom with complete professionalism and efficiency. Thanks to our experienced and highly trained cleaning staff, the quality and thoroughness of our work is ever evident in the cleaning results we provide!  

Satisfactory Cleaning Results Always!

  There is no home cleaning challenge too big for Think Maids to conquer and we have proven that to homeowners in and around Dupont Circle time and again! Unlike the average maid service that solely pays attention to surface cleaning before calling it a day, we work tirelessly to ensure that your home is cleaned to your satisfaction. That means paying minute attention to detail while using top of the line equipment and safe and effective cleaning products. At Think Maids, we go above and beyond in our efforts to provide customer satisfaction with every clean.   Apart from having a skilled, driven and reliable cleaning team, Think Maids goes a step further in providing customer satisfaction by catering to special cleaning requests and working to the convenience of our customers. We offer flexible cleaning schedules and work in accordance with your specific guidelines to ensure that you needs are met. All in all, our efforts guarantee homeowners of a pleasant cleaning experience on every occasion!  

The Maid Service You Can Trust

  As a professional house cleaning service, we understand that credibility and integrity go a long way in sustaining business. To achieve this, it takes a cleaning staff that is 100% trustworthy, compassionate and efficient in their work. Of course, putting together a team of such cleaners does not happen overnight!   We are incredibly wary of the cleaners we hire, ensuring that each one possesses a high level of integrity, cleaning abilities, communication skills and trust. This is achieved through a rigorous screening process that includes criminal database searches, past employment references, as well as tests and behavioral studies. After a cleaner has passed our stringent hiring process, they are then insured and bonded for further security of our customers.  

We Cater to Dupont Circle, WA Homeowners!

  Whether you live in Massachusetts Avenue or Connecticut Avenue, Dupont Circle residents can avail the trusty home cleaning services of Think Maids today! Located in Northwest Washington, this neighborhood is homely and laidback with great company to mingle with while leaving your home cleaning needs in our hands!   As the evening rolls around, you can find the old and young, alike, sitting around the central fountain within traffic circle. There are also stone chess boards around for visitors to have a game with friends or perhaps, make new ones! For architecture lovers, there are many landmarks to visit and appreciate here, such as the International Temple, Anderson House, Whittemore House and Christian Heurich Mansion.