House Cleaning in Friendship Heights, MD

For Friendship Heights, Think Maids Goes to Great Lengths!

A cleaning service that is at your beck and call for all home related cleaning needs; that’s what Think Maids offers residents of Friendship Heights at attractive rates! From daily cleaning needs to those tiring and dreadful post-party cleanups, we handle it all with complete professionalism and efficiency! You can rest assured that you’ll never have to lift a finger to clean as long as we are around!

Our goal is to make your life easier by eliminating one, very tiring and time-consuming household responsibility – home cleaning. All it takes is one booking with Think Maids to have your home cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom! We guarantee customer satisfaction with every clean and till date, have not disappointed homeowners across Washington D.C!

What YOU Can Expect from US

Unlike most professional cleaning services around, Think Maids is more concerned with cleaning to perfection than rushing to get the job done and get paid. We pay close attention to detail to ensure that all those nooks and crannies and hard-to-reach spaces aren’t overlooked when cleaning.

Regardless of what your cleaning needs are, Think Maids will deliver! We cover all areas of home cleaning while catering to special cleaning requests for an all-round, satisfactory experience! All you need to do is complete our seamless booking process via the Think Maids website and we will handle the rest. When dealing with our company, expect complete professionalism and transparency for your convenience and security.

The Most Hardworking and Trustworthy Cleaning Staff!

When it comes to work ethic and integrity, our cleaning staff trumps them all! To say that Think Maids cleaners ‘work hard for an honest buck’ is an understatement! What’s more, you’ll find our cleaning team to be cooperative, friendly and highly skilled!

Our reputation as a trusted and reliable maid service in Friendship Heights is owed to the dedication we have put in to ensure that each cleaner on our team is highly qualified for the job. This is achieved through a stringent screening process that involves criminal database searches, past employment references and more. We also conduct multiple interviews to study their behavior and communication skills, along with cleaning ability tests. It’s safe to say that only the best and most trusted cleaners of the lot are now happily working at Think Maids!

Your Friendship Heights House Cleaning Company

Friendships Heights, We are Here to Serve You!

Whether you live in an apartment around Wisconsin Avenue, or a rowhouse in Tenleytown; Think Maids is THE cleaning service in Friendship Heights that you can count on seven day a week. While we take care of the cleaning, homeowners can finally enjoy some much-needed family time!

For this, the Chevy Chase Center is a popular place where parents and kids can share some bonding time while elderly residents can be found enjoying an evening stroll at Winter Sledding Hill or Fort Bayard Park. Where shopping is concerned, locals head to Wisconsin Place that offers boutique stores, Whole Food Markets and more. There is also a Bloomingdale’s in the neighborhood along with cafes and restaurants such as Starbucks and Chatter.