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You might have added cleaning your house yourself in your list of New Year’s resolutions but are you really prepared to get the job done? House cleaning might seem like a task anyone can do but there are a lot of technicalities in it that many people often forget. Before you grab that cleaning liquid you got from the store, make sure you’re fully geared for the job. Here in this article we’ll explain in detail how you can be completely ready for your home cleaning.


Every job requires tools on hand; cleaning a house is no different. Before you begin, ensure that you have all the important equipment with you. Here’s a summarized list of the tools and solutions you might need in your everyday or deep cleaning sessions:

1.      Gloves: You can never start cleaning without gloves. Latex gloves are the way to go!

2.      Glass cleaner: A glass cleaner makes an important part of your checklist for cleaning tools. This solution not only brings the shine back to your glass surfaces but it’s also pH-balanced and it can actually disinfect the surface of the glass.

3.      Floor cleaning liquid: When you’re embarking on a complete home cleaning job, you simply cannot forget the floors. Invest in a green, pH-balanced floor cleaning solution that work wonders on all kinds of floor surfaces including wood and ceramic.

4.      Microfiber cloth: This can find its way in multiple areas of cleaning your house – from wiping surfaces free of dust to cleaning mirrors and glass.

5.      Sponges or pads: Pads or sponges are often helpful in washing and deep cleaning purposes. Expert cleaners will use different colored sponges for different rooms so they don’t get cross contaminated.

6.      Towels: Although not imperative, towels can actually come in handy for drying or wiping surfaces.

7.      Brushes made of nylon bristles: If you really want to leave no spot unclean, we also recommend adding this brush in your list of tools. The fine bristles made up of nylon are perfect for catching dust in the tightest of spaces.

8.      Lint roller: Lint rollers are especially useful if you have pets in your house.

9.      Vacuum Cleaner: You should also have a good quality and powerful vacuum cleaner with you. Vacuum cleaners can be useful in dozens of areas in the house even if your floor isn’t carpeted. We recommend investing in a vacuum cleaner that comes with multiple attachments.

Tools for Special Cleaning

The list we mentioned above is basic and enough to get you by for a regular, everyday cleaning job. However, if you were considering doing more special or deep cleaning, there are some other things you need to add in your list as well.

1.      Strong cleaner: If you haven’t been cleaning regularly, a mild cleaning liquid might not solve your problem. This is when you should think about purchasing a more abrasive cleaner.

2.      Limescale removing solution: This is a must if you’re dealing with hard water stains in the bathroom or in your kitchen.

3.      Scum removing liquid: Soap scum can often cause your bathroom accessories to look unsightly. A strong scum remover should be available with you to completely removing the soapy remains.

4.      Mold removing solution: This is tricky because mold is usually pretty resistant to all kinds of household treatments. One solution is using chlorine or bleach but be careful when handling these solutions!

5.      Goo removing solution: If you have toddlers in your house, you might need to use a goo remover at some point in time.

6.      Baking Soda: Although not the strongest cleaning solution, sometimes baking soda can do wonders where other strong cleaning agents can fail. This includes cleaning utensils in the kitchen including burnt pans and stoves.

7.      Wood soap or polisher: If you have wooden furniture or floors that are in a poor condition, you might want to get a wood soap to clean the surface. Although a polisher won’t be as frequently required, you might need to get it as well if your wood is especially worn out.

Can’t Do It All? Talk to Us!

Cleaning your home might seem like an attractive and cheap option but it’s actually pretty tiring. If you don’t have the energy or time to do it on a regular basis, Think Maids is here for you. Just give us a call at 202-629-0251 and we’d be happy to get your house cleaned the way you want it!