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Microfiber cleaning cloths are gems for homeowners. These cleaners are not just for a specific area of your house, It works in different places and the good thing about these cleaners is that it is made of microfibers that are good for grabbing dirt and germs without spreading them out as you clean other surfaces. Also, microfiber cloths are reusable. To use them again for your next cleaning session, here’s how you can clean them after using them:

You can actually clean your home and microfiber cloths at the same time. As you clean the surfaces of your house, rinse the cloths, squeeze them, and continue using them. This is to wash out and reduce the germs that have attached to your cleaners.

Use hot water to clean your microfibers or sterilize them. These cloths can be washed with hot water in order to kill the germs and dirt on it. After washing it with your detergent soap, avoid using fabric softener so that its effectiveness won’t be damaged. You can use vinegar instead to add to the anti-bacterial process. After that, you can now rinse the cloth using hot water. You can also choose to let them sit for a while in hot water to continue the sanitation.

Properly separate your microfiber cloths from your other cleaners. You can buy a small basket for wet cloths and after drying out, you can transfer them to another container where you can stock them up until the laundry day. It’s really helpful to separate your microfiber cloths so you can preserve their effectiveness. Even after using them, you need to take care of them like your everyday clothes. Dry out your microfiber cloths in a low to medium level dryer. This is another process so you can kill the germs attached to the cloths after you wash them. Let Think Maids get you on your cleaning A-game, find out how we can help by giving us a call.