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Oh no! You just picked up your dog’s bed and it smells absolutely horrible! It’s not too hard to throw your dog in the bathtub or into the car to take them to your favorite pet groomer, but the dog bed is a completely different beast altogether. Lucky for you, Think Maids has got your back whether your baby is small or large. So are you ready to have a better smelling home? Well c’mon!

How to Keep Your Dog’s Bed Clean

Unfortunately, you’re not just making sure your dog smells good; you’re also keeping everything clean to protect your dog and their belongings from fleas. We all know how much a nightmare those are, right? You should plan to clean their beds a couple times a week. You need:

A handheld pet vacuum
A lint roller
Shake the bed off outside to get rid of any loose debris
Air your dog bed out on a dry, grass-free area to reduce the risk of fleas.
Vacuum the area around the pet bed.
Vacuum the bed to pick up any stubborn hair or dirt
Still have some hair that just won’t let go? Use a lint roller to get rid of it.

Washing the Dog Bed

But occasionally, thorough vacuuming isn’t enough to keep the bed clean. About once a month, you’re going to need to wash your dog bed with soap and water to really clean it. You can use these instructions with both small and large dog beds. You’re gonna need:

A bathtub (preferably a clean one)
A vacuum
A lint roller
Pet-friendly laundry detergent
Vacuum the dog bed cover and pick up any remaining dog hair with the lint roller.
Remove the slipcover and shake it off outside to get rid of any grime that slipped inside it.
Soak the slipcover in hot water for about 10-15 minutes to kill off any flea eggs
Wring out the cover out as best you can.
Wash your cover in the washing machine with cold water and hang it out to dry (the dryer will cause shrinkage)
Fill the tub with new hot water.
Vacuum and lint roll the foam padding.
Put some of the detergent into the bathtub.
Scrub the detergent into the foam.
Repeat step 6.
Rinse out the foam until there is no more soap.
Let the slipcover and foam bedding dry away from grass.
Flip the foam over to dry the other side.
Vacuum around the bed area.
Do you want to really make sure there’s no odor? Spray the bed with an odor eliminator that’s safe from pets.

When it comes to washing your dog’s bed, treat it like your own. If you wouldn’t sleep in that bed, your dog doesn’t either. Once it’s clean, your dog is sure to be way happier than they already are. Have a Think Maids professional handle this for you. Don’t hesitate to call us.