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Spring is the best season to give your home a thorough clean. You need a dose of fresh air once the house has gotten stuffy. But who said you can’t clean your house in winter, summer or fall? Well, if you learn how to clean the house in all seasons, you’ll have less work in spring. Whether you DIY or let us do the job for you, the idea is to have a more enjoyable home.

Summer cleaning

While summer implies more time for barbecues and vacations, it’s also the best time to get to clean your house. Start by opening the windows and doors to ensure they are working properly. If you have swing doors, you should vacuum all debris. And if there’s any build-up grime, you can scrap it with a screwdriver.

Next, go to the laundry room and check all the cleaning supplies. Dust, mop, and vacuum the area. Because the summer season presents all sorts of stains like grass, ice cream, and dirt, you should sort the colors. After that, clean the empty bottles that may have accumulated the laundry room. Another area that needs thorough cleaning is the bathroom. This should be done twice a week due to the increased humidity of the summer weather. To prevent mold build-up, you should run the fun as you bathe. And when the bathroom is not in use, you should leave the door open.

The kitchen requires cleaning as well. Get into the nitty-gritty of everything including the appliances. The microwave needs more attention, especially if you’ve been cooking snacks all summer long. You may want to heat a bowl of water and add lemon slices to get rid of the odor.

Now, it’s time to get outdoors. You should scrub the deck, driveway, and hose down the playsets. Clean the patio furniture and grill in your backyard.

Cleaning your home for winter

During the winter season, you should get your home ready for cooler temperatures. This is the time you should swap your summer clothing with winter clothing. Since winter is the holiday season, you expect a lot of guests in your home. You should focus on bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and guest rooms.

Make sure the cabinets and ovens are clean. After that, you should vacuum upholstered furniture. Use a damp cloth to clean the window sills and vacuum the drapes. Also, clean your patio furniture before you keep it in the store. Finally, make sure the gutters are clean.

Spring cleaning

This is the time to shake off the winter doldrums and get active. The temperatures are warming up and the flowers are blooming. Grab your cleaning gear and vacuum beneath the furniture. Next, clean the ashes from the fireplace and any dust on the nearby surface. And to ensure the indoor air is clean, you should change the air filter of your HVAC system.

Vacuum the mattress to ensure there is no room for bacteria growth. Wash the windows and check for any broken panes. You should also spend some time in the laundry by sorting out the clothing you no longer need. Don’t forget to set up your patio and give your furniture a good cleaning.

If you want to enjoy a cleaner and healthier home, why not let Think Maids do the cleaning for you? Of course, you’ll have more time to do what you love, now is the best time to call.