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Do you smell that? It doesn’t matter if you are a chef or just cooking up supper for your family, sometimes cooking smells linger in your house. Some of those smells are great, but others can kill your appetite in a flash. This can be a big problem during the holidays when you are cooking a wide variety of foods. You don’t want the delicious smell of pumpkin pie to be overwhelmed by broccoli.

Do you want to know how to eliminate those cooking smells from your home? Here are our favorite solutions.

Common Sense To The Rescue – Quick Kitchen Tips

Getting rid of unwanted smells starts with keeping your kitchen clean and ready. Take a few moments to clean out all the unwanted food from your freezer and refrigerator, then give them both a quick cleaning. Are the floors and cabinets clean? Keeping them clean eliminates bad odors.

Before you start cooking that big meal, make sure all the trash is out of the kitchen. If you have a moment, clean the trash cans so you don’t have nasty smells under your counters. Does the kitchen drain put off a funky odor? Make sure to run a good cleaner through it and use a little baking soda. Get rid of old sponges which are starting to smell.

When you are ready to start cooking, don’t forget to turn on your exhaust fan, which can pull smells out of your house.

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Replace Bad Smells With Better Smells

Many of our favorite recipes add unwanted smells to the house. Garlic, onions, and cabbage are just a few of the items which can change your home from smelling great to a stinky disaster. How can you kill that garlic smell? You can replace it by using a more fragrant smell. Remember that pumpkin pie? The spices in pumpkin pie can quickly overshadow the smell of garlic and change your guests thought from yuck to yum. A quick and easy solution is to brew a fresh pot of coffee. The aroma of coffee flows through your home getting everyone’s tastebuds going into overdrive.

Another easy solution is to use simmer pots. Add some aromatic herbs to the pot and let it change your home. If you need it done fast, natural sprays and aromatherapy solutions work great, too.

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Vinegar Knocks Fish Smell Out

You probably have a few friends who always remind you that the quickest solution to fish smells is to never cook fish. But, since we love seafood, we need another idea. Vinegar is one of the oldest stink busters ever used.  Place a few bowls of vinegar on the table and in the kitchen while you cook the fish. If you want to little more robust cleansing, simmer some white vinegar after the meal. It will knock out those lingering fish smells so you can enjoy your home.

Baking Soda Busts Bad Smells

Have you ignored all of those TV ads about the power of baking soda? They were telling the truth. Baking soda does help deodorize your home. Pour some baking soda in some old jars, poke a few holes in the lids, then strategically place them in your kitchen. Put one in the refrigerator and another one near your kitchen trash can. The baking soda will suck the odors out of the air. If you want to improve the smell, put a few drops of essential oil in the jars so you don’t only remove bad smells, you add good ones.

Hopefully, these tips help you kill those cooking smells coming out of your kitchen. Do you need a few more tips on how to kill bad smells? Learn how you can win the battle against musty winter smells and turn your home into a spring paradise.

If you need a helping hand getting your home cleaned up and ready before the holiday, or any big event, contact ThinkMaids, we are ready to help.