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Your home is meant to store odors as you cook, eat, bath, and do your other daily habits. Even if you have time to clean your house regularly or hire someone to get rid of the mess for you, odors are just inevitable. But, you don’t need to face this problem alone. You can do quick hacks to make your home free from foul odors from your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, and laundry room. Here’s what you can do.

1) Get rid of everyday odors.

There are plenty of ways to do this. You can open your windows and backdoors during daylight so to allow fresh air to come into your house. The more windows are open, the more odors will come out of your house. Don’t forget to do home remedies as well such as cutting a lemon in half and placing them in any spot of your house so it can absorb the bad smells. Making your own deodorizers helps too. Just get the basic materials such as baking soda, detergents, and sprinklers.

2) Dealing with your laundry room odors.

Your pile of dirty clothes might be the number one cause of your laundry room odors. Before you wash, make sure to clean your washing machine first with hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. Put your solution into your detergent and fabric softener dispenser to wash away the dirt and odor coming from these areas. After cleaning the machine, get rid of the odors coming from your dirty clothes. Wash them and leave the lid of your machine open after laundry. If you have a trash can in the room, make sure to throw away the trash every day and regularly wash the trash can.

3) Wash off your bedroom odors.

Your bedroom houses millions of bacteria and skin cells from your body. Don’t let your mattress absorb all of those. Make your own cleaning solution using water, baking soda, and vinegar. Put the solution in a sprinkler for easier use. Take off the bedsheet and start sprinkling the solution in your mattress. Allow it to sit for at least 2 hours. After that, vacuum your mattress to remove the excess solution. Replace your bedsheet at least once every week and make sure to vacuum your mattress twice in a year.

4) Taming your kitchen odors.

Baking soda and vinegar are pretty useful cleaning solutions at home. You can always combine these two in order to come up with your own sprinkler. When you are storing food in your refrigerator, make sure to leave an open container of baking soda to absorb the smell of the food. Clean your sink regularly with your home-made solution and don’t forget to deodorize your garbage disposal. Throwing away your trash every day contributes a lot in making your kitchen fresh.

5) Keeping the smell of bathroom fresh.

You don’t want to use a stinky bathroom when you are taking a bath. Always deodorize it with your cleaning solution. Include your bathroom sink and bowl when cleaning. You might also want to scrub your bathroom tiles and wipe your shower wall panels with vinegar and baking soda for anti-bacterial.

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