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You might not completely strip your mattress every day, but when it’s finally time to change the sheets, you may notice that your bed is stained without knowing what caused it.

So, if you’re dealing with mystery yellow stains on your mattress, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn more about these stains and how to clean them.

Let’s unveil the mystery: What are those stains?

The color yellow may remind you of some yucky fluids. And while it’s true that your body can cause some of those stains, it’s not necessarily in the way you may be thinking!

These stains are likely caused by natural oils from your skin building up on the bed. This is a natural process and will happen to any mattress over time.

How to remove yellow stains from a mattress

The following method effectively removes yellow stains (whether you have a foam or conventional mattress). Keep in mind that if your mattress is heavily stained, start the process early, or you may need to find somewhere else to sleep for the night.

Step 1. Spray vinegar solution over the stain

White vinegar is excellent for loosening grime and dissolving many stains. This product has no color and is not harsh like other cleaners. Besides, it causes no further stains on the bed.

To start, mix vinegar and water in equal amounts in a spray bottle. Then, spray the solution over the stain—make sure not to soak the spot.

Step 2. Pour baking soda over the vinegar

Nobody wants to sleep on a smelly mattress. So, to help you deodorize it, pour some baking soda over the stained areas. This product will help remove the vinegar smell and other odors your mattress may have.

Plus, baking soda helps vinegar further remove oily stains (one of the main culprits of the yellow mattress).

Step 3. Wipe and rinse the mattress

Leave the vinegar and baking soda for 15 minutes so the chemical reaction can break down the stain. After time has passed, the stain should have faded, and you can now rinse off the cleaners with a damp cloth—make sure you blot instead of rubbing the mattress!

Step 4. Dry the mattress

Unless you like sleeping on a wet mattress, you need to dry it immediately. If you only worked on minor stains, you can quickly dry the spot with a hair dryer, just ensure the mattress is well-dried to prevent mildew.

However, drying a large part of the mattress won’t be as easy. So, to be safe, perhaps it’s time to spend the night in the living room while you leave your bed to air dry (or turn on a fan).

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