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Teaching your kid how to clean their room doesn’t have to be a synonym for tantrums and sour faces. With a little patience, understanding, and the correct approach, you can smoothly impress in your kid the habit of picking up their room, and here you’ll learn how!

Tip #1. Set the stage

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the idea of a clean and organized space. Set aside some quality time to explain why keeping their room tidy matters.

Granted, your child might not give importance to benefits like developing responsibility or commitment, so try to think as a child. Tell them that clutter can make their toys get lost, or they might not have a chance to wear their favorite shirt if it’s under all the mess.

While this won’t make them start cleaning their room magically, it is the foundation that paves the way so they can understand later on why a tidy room matters.

Tip #2. Lead by example

Children are like learning sponges, absorbing everything they see around them. That’s why leading by example is a powerful teaching tool. So, whenever you want kids to tackle a certain chore, be sure to show them how to do it first, describing every step you make.

Doing so will prevent children from feeling frustrated when they don’t know how to do something—which can add to the awful feeling cleaning can cause them. By knowing the steps they need to follow, they’ll feel less overwhelmed and more open to doing the chores on their own.

Tip #3. Make it a fun challenge

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious chore; kids need to know it. You can turn it into a game or challenge to get your child interested. For example, you can set a timer and see how much they can clean up before it goes off.

Freeze dance is another fun option and a great game you can share with them. Play their favorite song and instruct them to clean until the music goes off. Then they have to freeze in place and wait for the music to play again for them to continue picking things up.

Tip #4. Make your kids part of the planning

When setting a cleaning schedule, be sure to include your kids in the process. This will let you create a plan that considers their needs and will make them feel they contributed to something important.

Besides, if they know what to expect regarding their cleaning duties, they won’t feel cheated if it’s time to turn off the cartoons or end their playtime. Also, a consistent routine will help them make cleaning their room a part of their week, opposite to an extra task they loathe.

Tip #5. Give them small tasks for big results

Instead of overwhelming your child with a long list of tasks, break cleaning down into manageable steps until they achieve the greater goal.

Do not tell your kids to clean their whole room, but do give them different tasks throughout the day, like making the bed or putting away toys. Also, don’t assign your kids chores beyond their league; they’ll get better results if you give them age-appropriate tasks they can easily complete.

Tip #6. Celebrate their achievements

Positive reinforcement goes a long way in motivating your child to keep their room clean. Moreover, acknowledging their efforts and accomplishments boost their confidence, enthusiasm, and self-esteem—very valuable as they grow up!

It may seem small, but just giving them a high-five or a verbal “Well done!” does wonders for them. You can also introduce a rewards system for consistent cleanliness, such as earning extra playtime or a special treat. However, make these rewards sparse to avoid spoiling your kids.

Learn more about cleaning alongside your kids!

You’re a more skilled cleaner than your kids, but you can still learn! In our blog, you’ll find many guides, advice, and tips to make your cleaning chores a walk through the park. Besides, you can share the knowledge with your kids later, so they’ll help you too. Check out our blog!