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The summer is almost here and your kids will soon be home everyday. This means that your kids will have lots of fun outdoors, however, they will come indoors in quite a dirty and sweaty condition. As a result, this can cause your once beautifully clean home to become a mess and you may soon finding yourself wishing for the summer to be over so they can go back to school.

Make outdoor gardening into a cool activity.

The summer is well known for being excruciatingly hot which will probably cause your garden to wilt in the sun. So, if your garden isn’t looking so great, you should get your children to help take care of it. You can get them to pick out weeds and even make it into a game so they are motivated to do so. For example, you can turn weed picking into a competition and the kid that has picks the most weeds can get a treat such as ice cream or even a new toy.

Make sure the kids rinse off when they come out of the pool.

Most kids when they come out of the pool, they often forgo the shower. This usually leads to the stinky smell of chlorine in your home and on your sofa and sheets. So, you need to make it a strict rule that every time they come out of the pool or even if they’ve been running through the sprinklers, they have to wash off in the shower.

Keep track of chores by using a chore chart.

If you already have a chore chart in your home, then you should look into creating a specific summer chore chart for everyone to follow. On this chart, every single child in your home will have to do at least one cleaning task. This is a great way to keep your home clean and ensure your kids are disciplined.

Use a special cleaning solution to remove ice cream and Popsicle stains.

One of the most fun parts of summer includes eating lots of Popsicles. However, these icy treats are known for their red, blue, green and purple colors which unfortunately, usually end up on your furniture. This leaves quite a terrible stain, however, there is a cleaning solution that you can create in order to remove them. In order to make this solution, you will need to mix together lemon juice, a cup of warm water and a tsp of vinegar. Then, you can apply this solution to the stain using a cleaning cloth or microfiber and you should do so using a circular motion. This will help to lift any Popsicle or ice cream stain from your furniture and ensure it looks brand new.

Make sure your laundry room is prepared.

It is extremely important that you properly prepare your laundry room for summer since this is the main room where summer stained clothes and items will end up. So, you should make sure you have the right tools and be sure to buy some extra stain removers. You should always separate the clothing according to color and make sure that you have extra spaces set aside to handle dirty towels, swimsuits etc.

Have an outdoor kit ready.

Lastly, you should always make sure that your kids are well protected from the sun, bugs, dirt etc. So, you should create an outdoor kit that is always handy that contains items such as bug repellent, sun screen, cleaning items etc. You should always ensure that your kids are well protected with sunscreen before they go outside and ensure that they keep themselves and your home as clean as possible.

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