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Are you living in a dusty home? Most people do but they don’t even realize it. Dust has a silent way to build up until it becomes obvious and difficult to remove.

You probably want to prevent this from happening. Thanks to Merry Maids, you’ll know how to keep your home free from dust. Take a look at the following tips to learn what are the dustiest areas in your home and how to keep them clean at all times.

Mantelpieces And Bookshelves

Such wide, flat surfaces are the ideal places for people to store their holiday decor, photos, papers and various other items. All this clutter will attract dust like crazy. By simply getting rid of the clutter you’ll already eliminate most of the dust in these areas. Also remember to clean your mantelpieces and bookshelves during your regular cleaning session. For best results, avoid using furniture polishing substances, as they leave behind a residue which acts like a dust magnet. Just use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe off the dust.

The Top Of Your Refrigerator And Its Coils

Unless you have a very small fridge, you probably ignore that it has a top surface which accumulates dust. The same applies to its coils, regardless of their location. Always make sure you wipe down the top of your fridge and avoid piling up items on it. Remember to pull your fridge out to clean its coils at least once a year. If you have pets or small children, you may want to do it more often. This will prevent dust from accumulating in this area. If you need a professional refrigerator cleaning job, contact Merry Maids to get your customized quote right now!

Light Fixtures And Ceiling Fans

You may have already tried to put your ceiling fans on high speed to get rid of the dust on their blades. If you did it, you probably know that this method doesn’t do anything else than move some clumps of heavy dost across the room. The light fixtures are also among the dustiest spots in a home. Take time to learn the proper way to clean them, so that you can forget about having to remove heavy dust from these areas in the future. If you overlook them each and every time you clean your house, you’ll end up needing professional cleaning services to make them look like new again.

Carpets And Area Rugs

No matter how nice your carpet may look, you should know that it is one of the biggest dust traps in your house. Make a habit out of vacuuming your rugs and carpets. Do it as often as needed, in order to keep them clean and dust-free.

Tips To Prevent Heavy Dust Accumulation

A little prevention can take you a long way, so that you forget about having to put up with heavy dust in your home. The secret is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. If you dust frequently enough, there won’t be enough time for heavy dust layers to form, so you’ll never need to think about deep cleaning. This doesn’t mean you should pull your fridge out every week, but sticking to a regular cleaning schedule can help you clean faster and with less effort. The key is to prevent dust from building up in those hard to clean places.

Are you on an extremely busy schedule, running around to get to management meetings and to fulfill your day-to-day duties? Let us help you! Our team of professional household cleaners will make your house spotless, so that you can enjoy returning to a welcoming and tidy home after a hard day at work.

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