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“Unlock the secrets to a sparkling and organized refrigerator and freezer! A clean and well-organized refrigerator and freezer not only look great but also enhance functionality in your kitchen. Meal prepping and cooking become a breeze after a thorough cleaning of these essential appliances. Streamline the process by tackling both tasks on the same day, or opt for shorter and simpler mini-tasks if you prefer. Whether you choose to clean them together or separately, the process is nearly identical for both the freezer and refrigerator, saving you valuable time and effort. With the help of detail-oriented cleaning staff, you’ll achieve a clean and tidy storage space for your food items. Get ready to enjoy a fresh and hassle-free kitchen experience. Let’s dive in and create a clean and neat home for your edibles!”

Steps to cleaning your refrigerator and freezer

Fully empty both devices

The first thing you need to do before you start cleaning is to empty both machines. Getting rid of products that are rotten or beyond their expiration date is really important. Check the label of each product you store into the freezer or refrigerator and get rid of anything unnecessary. After that, try to organize the products by separating them into some major categories. For example, those that will go back to the freezer or refrigerator can be divided into categories: fruits, veggies, meal preps, leftovers or beverages.

You should also, remove any drawers or shelves that seem to need a bit of washing. Bring them down to the sink and wash them. Alternatively, wipe clean them with caution.

If you cannot remove a shelter or drawer all by yourself, check online for a Youtube video or a piece of advice by someone who has tried this before.

Wipe the freezer and refrigerator from side to side

After you have emptied those devices, it is time for you to wipe clean them carefully. This step is a bit different in terms of the materials you will need for cleaning each of the devices. For the refrigerator, prefer to use a mixture of Castile soap and warm water. On the freezer, you can use just a mop towel to wipe clean it.

You can also, use a clean vacuum cleaner to effectively pick up all the crumbs, dog hair and anything else that can be found in the crevices of both the refrigerator and the freezer.

If you discover any tough spots, you can effectively use a toothpick. However, you need to be careful when using it. In fact, it is vital that you use it almost parallel to the crevice. That will ensure that it will not break off and that no damage is gonna occur on the surface of the machines.

Make it your goal to wipe down your refrigerator once a week, parallel to your writing of your grocery list. That will help you maintain your refrigerator clean and neat at all times and you won’t have as much food waste as before.

Organize your refrigerator and freezer

Before it is time for you to store everything inside your clean refrigerator and freezer, you really need to organize a bit of the available space. If you find it helpful, you can stick some notes on the shelves to be able to identify your products quickly. The freezer is typically easier to organize. The top drawer is usually used for butter storage, Ice packs and yeast are placed in the door of the freezer. The lower shelf is used for the storage of meats and leftovers on one side and some frozen vegetables and fruits on the other. Homeowners usually possess a larger freezer in their garage, therefore, that is more of a freezer for immediate needs.

Hire a cleaning professional to get your refrigerator neat and tidy. What are you waiting for to call?