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So have you lost your cleaning mojo and need help to recover it? Sadly, there isn’t a magic trick to make motivation appear out of nowhere. However, with some effort and the following tips, you’ll be back in a cleaning mood sooner than you think!

Create a reason to clean

Setting up a goal helps to boost motivation by giving you a direction to focus on. So, having something to strive for can be the first step in recovering your will to clean. Here you have some suggestions.

  • Invite your friends over. Having someone over your place means you need a clean space for them to be comfy. If you think you can’t clean everything in a single day, schedule the meeting for later.
  • Be practical. A dirty kitchen means you’ll have trouble cooking, and a messed up closet means you’ll spend more time looking for clothes. So, choose an area you need for a specific purpose and consider the benefits of tidying it up.
  • Buy furniture. Buying a new piece of furniture will encourage you to plan where to place it in your house. Of course, you’ll want to clean to make your new purchase stand out!

Make things easier

Although tidying up a messy place usually involves long and tiresome cleaning sessions, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a couple of tips to make your chores easier:

    • Start small. By dividing an area you want to clean into small sectors, your brain will focus on these tiny tasks instead of the whole mess. You’ll feel like you’re making progress from the moment you finish the first task.
    • Set a timer. The trick here is that once you set your time (10 minutes are recommended) and choose an area, you’ll be cleaning uninterruptedly until time’s off—then you can take a break. Short but effective cleaning bursts.
  • Clean one area a day. If cleaning your entire house within a day is too much, assign different rooms/areas to different days of the week. Spreading your chores that way will make the load feel lighter (and your schedule more manageable).

Make cleaning fun

Who says cleaning can’t be fun? Certainly, it won’t be rollercoaster-level fun, but cleaning can be made more enjoyable than normal. Here is some advice regarding that.

  • Play music. Music is a natural mood changer. So, put on your favorite playlist (or the ultimate feel-good playlist) and shake off that grime with rhythm.
  • Reward yourself. Choose something you like and keep it in your mind—going to a restaurant you like or buying those clothes you saw online. You’ll be in a better mood and push yourself to finish faster!

Bonus tip: let the cleaning professionals help you

Another excellent motivation booster is getting professional help with your cleaning duties. So let Think Maids lend you a hand! Whether you need a standard or deep cleaning service, our skilled cleaners will tackle even the most stubborn grime.

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