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Achieving sparkling clean homes shouldn’t come at the cost of harming our environment or our health. In today’s world, where pollution is already a pressing concern, it’s crucial to be mindful of the cleaning agents we use. Chemical-laden products may promise efficiency, but they can be toxic and detrimental to our well-being. So, when it’s time to clean our bathrooms, let’s turn to nature’s solutions for a powerful, organic alternative that will leave our toilets gleaming without compromising our health. Let’s embrace the concept of “Sparkling Clean Homes” while taking care of ourselves and our planet.

Let’s start with the basics. None ever taught you how to properly clean a toilet seat or a toilet bowl. This is one of the notoriously famous bacteria-infested spots in your house, and it should be thoroughly wiped. You want to make sure that the entire exterior surface is well sprayed. We would always recommend using DIY natural-based sprays. A little bit of vinegar, alcohol, lavender or peppermint essential oil and water should do a terrific job. For the best results, we suggest you use a microfiber cleaning cloth that is known for well-handling grease and dust. If you want to disinfect properly, then you will need a strong agent such as hydrogen peroxide that will leave your toilet in a hygienically immaculate state.

You might get surprised to hear that castile soap does a wonderful job cleaning the interior of the toilet bowl. Don’t forget to let it sit for a while before you scrub it away to remove even the most persistent of stains. Traditional bowl cleaners are known to cause allergies, which is why scrubbing the toilet with a natural soap or baking soda is by far a better option. If you want to make your toilet look brand new in tones of snow-white, then a small dose of oxygen whitener should do the trick. Combining strong clearing agents from nature with a compactible toilet brush will change your mindset about toilet cleaning. These brushes are replaceable, which means that you and other fastidious family members will find it more convenient to spruce up the toilet. With as little effort as a daily regular five-minute maintenance, your toilet can stay fresh and spotless,

Toilet bowl rings can be such a nuisance sometimes. Not only that it is nearly impossible to properly clean that area and restore the previous shine, but many people opt for strong chemicals in the process. Apart from its highness, the baking soda, there is one more fantastic prop that can help you diligently remove the ugly ring spots. Pumice stone, the same one that you use to heal your cracked heels, is the second-best solution to the problem. We recommend buying this volcanic rock with a handle, so it makes the job of cleaning the toilet more enjoyable.

Concerning those narrow hidden spots, you can always wash them with antiseptic tissue wipes. In that way, you will also refresh the toilet by getting rid of the residue odors. If you want to add a personal touch, consider dipping the tissues in your cleaning spray, which can be easily made by combining baking soda, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide and any essential oil of your choice. After you prepare the disinfecting spray, make sure to give it a good shake and let it rest in a transparent glass spray bottle. You can choose to not be bothered with tasks like these by reaching out to your local Think Maids.