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Embrace the beauty of spring while tackling the much-needed home spring cleaning, even with your kids around! As the season of blooming flowers and delightful bird songs approaches, it’s the perfect time to freshen up our living spaces. But, we know how challenging it can be to deep clean with little ones running around, especially when they innocently undo your hard work in seconds! Fret not, though, because we have a solution up our sleeves. With the help of “Skilled and efficient home cleaners,” you can enjoy a sparkling home without worrying about the chaos. Let’s dive into the joys of spring cleaning and create a tidy haven where your kids can play freely while you bask in the beauty of the season!


Our experts from  Think Maids can assist you in making sure your cleaning tasks are completed correctly, which will help you start the year on the correct footing. Regardless of whether you have started cleaning out your spare closets or you find that you do not have enough time in order to begin, we are here to assist you with a customized and extensive clean which can add to any type of spring cleaning plan.


In the last few years, we have arrived at a few tricks and tips to get spring cleaning completed even when there are children around. Here are our tips on a few of the better cleaning hacks busy parents need to know about.


Spring Cleaning Tips For Parents


Embrace teamwork when it comes to cleaning.

Trying to get your young ones to do their daily chores is probably already an exhausting exercise. Fortunately, spring cleaning offers the ideal opportunity to ask your children to become more involved by transforming those boring chores into a fun team-building event.


For younger ones, begin with assigning them with small tasks, while one of the parents are there to supervise. For example, mom may take on the task of scouring down the sinks and bathtubs, but your little 4-year old can easily dust your baseboards or polish the faucets. If you have older children you can ask them to tackle one or two rooms or even start cleaning outside. These tasks will go faster, and you can impart a few valuable cleaning tips.


Turn The Cleaning Schedule Into A Game


If you are finding it difficult to get your little one’s enthusiastic about getting involved, you can turn these boring tasks into a fun game, making sure you include a reward once they are finished. Offer to take the kids for ice cream once they have completed all their tasks, or even plan for a trip to your closest theme park.


Once the entire family has agreed on a goal for the reward, assign them with individual or shared tasks. You may want to include smaller rewards along the way for any jobs completed to perfection. In this way the cleaning tasks become fun, and they will be more inclined to avoid cutting any corners.


Keep Your Kids Engaged With Something Entertaining


If you are short on time when it comes to creating a customized game plan, you might want to consider other ways to make sure your kids stay out of your way while you clean. This could include setting your little one up with an art project, age-appropriate games, or even a playdate. To ensure everything remains under control take turns with your partner to check on them or give an incentive to an older brother or sister to keep them busy while you clean.


Hire A Trusted And Reliable Babysitter Or Nanny


We understand that once the kids get bored or they start to fight, you need an extra pair of hands to help you stay focused on the time-consuming task of spring cleaning. For these reasons, it is probably in your best interest to hire a nanny or sitter for your spring cleaning day. From park visits to a trip to the museum, a nanny or sitter could turn this day into an adventure for your kids, while you are offered with the opportunity to clean your home in peace.

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