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If you are moving out of your residences, getting it properly cleaned out is not only important for the new renters moving in, but also in getting you security deposit back. This means that you will need to use the right equipment, supplies, and cleaning methods to ensure that your old residence is properly cleaned and ready for the new residents to move in. This means that your move out cleaning services cost does not necessarily go up depending on how you approach this issue.

Don’t Go Cheap

It’s important to understand that going cheap either by using ineffective consumer products or hiring a cleaning company that works only for the lowest prices without consideration of doing a quality job only makes it worse for you. Cleaning your residence properly, especially when there is a security deposit on the line,

You’ll want to use good, proven products which you may find to be surprising affordable or a cleaning company with a well-earned reputation for doing a high-quality job that backs their work with a guarantee.

The Right Products

If you plan to do the cleaning yourself, then you will need to use the right cleaning products that get rid of the dust, dirt, and accumulated debris and stains so that your old place looks like new again. Here are a few tips when choosing the right products.

Vinegar and Water: This simple, inexpensive mixture is excellent for cleaning walls and floors, removing the stains while being environmentally safe. This mixture also works well for cleaning any furnishings, apart from fabrics, such as tabletops, cabinets, and countertops. A bucket, mop, and rag with vinegar and water mixture means you can clean a considerable amount of your residence for very little expense.

Baking Soda: It seems that baking soda is the one product that can do most everything and that includes cleaning your carpets. The reason is that baking soda is an odor-neutralizer along with being a cleaning agent. This makes it perfect for cleaning carpets as you can scrub the baking soda into stains or sprinkle it dry and vacuum it up to take care of any odors. In addition, baking soda is quite cheap as well.

Steam Mop: If you want your floors to be truly clean, consider using a steam mop and a cleaning product like “goo gone” which takes care of the sticky substances that are not removed with normal cleaning procedures.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

While you can save on move out cleaning services cost by doing the work yourself, it will take a considerable amount of time which otherwise could be spent moving your items out. You’ll find that some of the best professional cleaning companies offer a one-time, deep cleaning fee that is reasonable and may work better compared to doing to the work yourself.

You should use a professional company like Duty Cleaners if you have relatively little time to leave your residence. Plus, you may find that it saves you more money when you consider the time and effort involved compared to cleaning the residence yourself.