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Wooden floors are in trend these days and they’re not going to go away any time soon. There’s no denying that wood can impart a classy and clean look. Plus these floors are easier to clean than carpet. However wood is easily ruined and you’ll need to know the right cleaning agents to make your wooden floors spotless again. Here are some common misconceptions when it comes to cleaning wooden floors. Read on to know the actual truth about wood!

MYTH: If it’s shiny, it’s probably clean

Shine is usually synonymously used to describe anything that’s clean. We often use this term for floors as well but when you’re talking about a wooden floor, simple shine may not suffice. A shiny wooden surface might not actually be clean but only smooth instead. If your floors are shining you might want to recheck if they are actually clean. Light reflects from the smooth surface of good quality wood and imparts a clean look when in reality the floor might not actually be clean. In fact, believe it or not, when wooden floors are actually thoroughly cleaned, they appear dull and more matte in texture than shiny or greasy.

MYTH: Wash your wooden floors with water – it’s the best option you can get.

Water isn’t the best of friends when it comes to cleaning wooden floors. If your floor is made up of a poor quality of wood, water can actually seep through and make the wood swell. However, that’s not the only issue that comes with cleaning wooden floors with water. Since grease and oil can’t be absorbed in water, there’s no way simple water will remove these pesky grimes. The only thing plain water can get rid of is the dirt. That’s why you’ll need an actual soapy mixture and agent to absorb and completely remove the oil and grease.

MYTH: You can use vinegar to clean wood

We all know how versatile and all-purpose a bottle of vinegar can be when it comes to household cleaning but the truth is that vinegar doesn’t work wonders when it comes to cleaning wooden floors. In the past it was believed that vinegar did work and maybe it still does but only superficially. Vinegar can make your wood ‘appear’ better and cleaner but in the long-run the acid of the vinegar can do a number on the actual quality of the wood. This means that you’ll be looking to replace your floors sooner than you had anticipated if you’ve been treating it with vinegar.

MYTH: You need to hire specialist wooden floor cleaners to get the cleaning job done.

That’s not true at all! Perhaps you’ve been falsely advertised about how important it is to only contact specialists in wood floor cleaning but that’s not the only option. Specialists will do the same cleaning job as any other good cleaner will only with a higher cost. There’s nothing that a wood-cleaning specialist can do that you or an expert cleaning company can’t. It’s best to save some cash and invest in better and more affordable alternatives instead!

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