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Unlock the secret to sparkling clean shower door tracks with deep cleaning solutions! Keeping your shower walls and doors clean is important, but there’s one crucial component that often goes unnoticed: the door tracks. Don’t fret – you’re not alone! Many people overlook this part of their bathroom during cleaning. But fear not, we have the perfect solution for you! With the help of “Deep cleaning solutions,” you can ensure every nook and cranny of your shower is spotless, including those hard-to-reach door tracks. Say goodbye to any embarrassment and hello to a pristine bathroom that shines from top to bottom. Let’s dive in and make your shower door tracks a part of your regular cleaning routine for an impeccably clean bathing haven!

Unfortunately, shower door tracks can become quite dirty over time. Soap scum, mold, and other contaminants can easily form in the tracks. Hard water deposits that build up over time can interfere with the ability of your doors to slide smoothly along the tracks, making them more challenging to open. Preventing problems like these is as easy as cleaning the tracks every time you clean your shower.

The two natural cleaning methods listed below are both highly effective and make quick work of dirty shower tracks. Feel free to try both techniques to see which one you prefer:

Method #1 – Vinegar And Water

If you have previous experience with homemade cleaning products, you probably already know that white vinegar is a powerful cleaning solution. It does an excellent job of dissolving hard water deposits and getting rid of soap scum, making it the perfect choice for cleaning the door tracks on your shower.


– 1/4 cup white vinegar
– Cotton pads or balls
– An adjustable spray bottle
– Distilled water
– A worn-out toothbrush
– A microfiber cleaning cloth

Wet the cotton pads with vinegar and use them to moisten the door tracks of your shower. You don’t need to douse the tracks. However, they should be relatively wet. If you have natural stone floors in your bathroom, use caution when applying the vinegar since acidic substances can damage natural stone.

Allow the vinegar to remain on the surface for up to five minutes. Then, use a toothbrush to brush away any hard water deposits or soap scum.

Using the spray bottle, spray down the tracks thoroughly, getting rid of any leftover vinegar. When you are done, dry off the tracks using the microfiber cleaning cloth.

If you need to, you can repeat this process. Some stains and deposits may be a little bit more resistant than others – especially if you haven’t been cleaning the tracks regularly.

Method #2 – Use A Steamer

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals when cleaning your bathroom, a steamer is a great option.


– A steam cleaner with a handheld wand
– Microfiber cleaning cloths
– A putty knife made out of plastic

Read the instruction manual of the steamer carefully to learn how to properly use it. Using the wand attachment, gently steam away any dirt, grime, or contaminants that have accumulated in the door tracks.

Place a microfiber cloth over the end of your putty knife. Then, use it to gently scrape away any soap scum, hard water deposits, or other gunk.

Follow up with a clean microfiber cloth, wiping down the tracks to get rid of any remaining residue. Continue steaming and scraping the tracks until they are sparkling clean.

To keep the tracks from getting dirty again, use a microfiber cleaning cloth to quickly wipe them down after you finish showering each day.

For those who would rather hire a professional service to clean those door tracks, you should call and find out what you need to start.