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Playtime is great: it keeps your children active, and it’s as enriching as any learning experience. 

However, not everything is playing, right? Teaching your kids about responsibility and cleanliness it’s also important, but sometimes it can be difficult to make them do their chores. 

How do you keep them from getting bored while cleaning their room? How can you catch their attention when it comes to helping around the house? You can try to mix both playtime and chores! 

Here are four cleaning games for kids to have fun and keep everything tidy.

1.- Cleaning Marathon

Everybody likes to do chores in the lowest amount of time possible, so why not have a marathon? It’s simple: Check whatever floor, windows, and furniture in need of cleaning or tidying up, and set it up as a track. Go grab your timer, get your child on the mark, and…“ready, set, go!”

This activity is good for working with cleaning times—also known as setting your kid’s personal best score! Your children will want to improve each time and, hopefully, be more organized with their space. 

2.- Laundry Race

Racing is exciting for most kids. Laundry races are a fun group activity, just perfect for tackling a big pile of clean clothes. Set up the competition by preparing equal bunches of clean laundry. Whoever folds and hangs every item wins.

Be sure to give a prize to the winner! Nothing major, maybe an extra snack or extended playtime. It will incentivize and keep your kids on their toes for the next race.

3.- Candy Treasure Hunt

A great choice for curious kids. If you don’t know how to make sure your children finish the cleaning checklist, give them candy! It works like this: Hide a little treat on every spot that needs tidying up. Each time they are done with a place, they’ll have a sweet reward for their hard work.

These little incentives will make kids look forward to this activity and make sure they find every piece in this treasure hunt.

4.- Random Chores

They say “variety is the spice of life,” and it’s true when doing chores. If you have already tried several things and want to avoid getting bored quickly, just get a list of pending chores and some dice. 

When cleaning day comes, assign a number to every item on the list and let chance decide what comes first. Rolling the dice will add excitement, and every chore will feel fresh and new. After a couple of sessions, your kids will eventually be ready regardless of what task they must do.

Give yourself and your kids a break: hire a reliable cleaner

These are just some examples of what you can do to make cleaning fun. Not only will it feel like an exciting activity, but your children will also feel like part of a team while doing these tasks. 

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